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Amplicon-Based Target Enrichment


Amplicon-based target enrichment methods for next-generation sequencing (NGS) rely on PCR-amplification of target regions of interest using sequence-specific primers and probes. Using molecular inversion probes (MIP), specific probes consisting of a universal linker flanked by target-specific sequences are constructed. The probes anneal on both sides of the target amplicon and the gap is filled by a DNA polymerase.

Roche Sequencing Solutions offers the HEAT-Seq® portfolio of target enrichment products, which utilize an advanced version of MIP technology, for single nucleotide variation (SNV) detection for targeted sequencing applications in human genetic disease and cancer research. 

Features and benefits of HEAT-Seq portfolio of target enrichment products
  • Fast and easy workflow with powerful SNV detection
  • Reliable performance through the use of an advanced version of MIP
  • Choice between catalog and custom formats  to maximize your time and resources

Roche Sequencing Solutions offers custom HEAT-Seq products

HSQutils Software

The HSQutils software is a utility package containing a separately sourced sequencing read mapper and variant caller that is intended for use in an analysis workflow, for which Roche provides periodic updates to this software.

Appropriate reagents and accessories are also available for each of these classes of products.

Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
HEAT-SEQ is a trademark of Roche.

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