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Digital pathology solution

Digital pathology solution to empower precision diagnosis

Personalized healthcare begins with precision diagnosis. Leveraging more than 100 years’ history of fighting disease and unique scientific and technologically advanced healthcare expertise, Roche Digital Pathology empowers precision diagnosis in support of better, more personalized healthcare. 

The Roche Digital Pathology solution combines innovative hardware, software and VENTANA Companion Algorithm image analysis software, and works in integrated harmony with the full Roche diagnostic portfolio for an end-to-end experience. Built by expert pathologists, this solution focuses on enabling the full capability of the pathologists’ unique mind and vision.

  • Easier colleague collaboration
  • Faster second opinions
  • Improved remote diagnosis
  • Enhanced accuracy and quantification
  • Greater workflow efficiency
  • Earlier diagnosis for better patient care

Roche has been the partner to deliver the solutions needed to harness the power of better, more personalized healthcare -- now and in the years to come.

Experience the power of precision diagnosis.

VENTANA DP 200 slide scanner


Robust high-speed scanning empowers precision diagnosis.

iscan ht sigital pathology instrument
VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner


High-throughput slide scanner efficiency empowers precision diagnosis.

ventana virtuoso digital pathology software
Roche uPath enterprise software


Fast, patient-centric, customizable platform empowering precision diagnosis.

Companion Algorithms pathology software
VENTANA Companion Algorithm image analysis software


Image analysis algorithms empower precision diagnosis.

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