COVID-19 Mobile Testing Van

Covid testing van coronavirus

After three years of pandemic, the threat of COVID-19 persists, along with a risk of new novel virus outbreaks that continues to have consequences on healthcare and the economy.

As the pandemic has changed over the past three years, one pathology company based in Sydney has found novel ways of taking the lab to the patients!

Despite stay-at-home restrictions (lockdowns) being lifted for millions of Australians, there is still a need for fast and flexible testing solutions. We take a look at this COVID-19 testing van. 

A novel point of care testing solution

As an innovator in pathology, Laverty took the opportunity to turn the COVID-19 pandemic crisis into innovation, commissioning an innovative new testing solution called the Laverty mobile COVID-19 PCR testing van.

The fully air-conditioned, sign-written Mercedes Benz commercial van has been fitted out with a number of custom features to ensure a controlled laboratory-style testing environment. Complete with plumbing, a biological safety cabinet, a 240V generator, and external power supplies, together with generous bench space, storage cabinetry, and office facilities, the Laverty mobile COVID-19 PCR testing van can operate as a complete mobile COVID-19 testing clinic.

As described in the video above, the Laverty mobile COVID-19 PCR testing van provides laboratory-grade PCR results in just 20 minutes, using the cobas® liat analyser, which fully automates the PCR process. Five cobas® liat analysers are operated simultaneously by the two staff operating the Laverty mobile COVID-19 PCR testing van, delivering standardised, mobile testing, that generates high-quality polymerase chain reaction (PCR) results in turnaround times of 20 minutes* or less. The throughput equates to an approximate test rate of 15 people per hour.

The applications for such an advanced, novel solution are immense. Primarily, the van has been used in screening programmes at events or work environments where averting a COVID-19 spread is critical. The screening of cruise ship passengers at the point of boarding has allowed a continuity of service for cruise ship operators. Similarly, more remote workplaces or regional locations, such as motor raceway events like the Bathurst 1000, have benefited significantly from the time-sensitive screening out of potential outbreaks, particularly where the transfer of pathology samples to the nearest laboratory is not practicable.

As described in the video, the Laverty mobile COVID-19 PCR testing van provides a solution for workplaces that require COVID-19 testing that is fast, convenient, flexible, and compliant with both NATA and Australian pathology standards.

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