Pathology Update 2024 - In Booth Education

It was our great pleasure to hold several insightful talks at our Roche booth at Pathology Update 2024, covering some of the latest topics in diagnostic pathology.  The details of these recordings are provided below to review and share with your peers.

For further information or feedback on any of these topics, please contact the following  Roche Diagnostics representative:

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HER2 Low Breast Cancer – Pathologists’ Survival Guide
About the Video

Watch Professor Gelareh Farshid in this interactive case demonstration for pathologists at Path Update 2024 as she showcases the validation of HER2 Low focused scoring conventions (developed by the Australian HER2 Low Concordance Study). 

The aim of this video is to provide an introduction to this important and emerging area to improve the consistency and confidence of pathologists scoring breast cancers with low levels of HER2 expression.  

Speaker: Prof Gelareh Farshid
Prof Gelareh Farshid

Professor Gelareh Farshid is an international expert in breast pathology and soft tissue pathology with substantial experience in population-based screening for breast cancer.

She is a Senior Consultant Pathologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and a Clinical Professor at the Schools of Medicine and Medical Sciences, University of Adelaide. She represents Australia on the Board of the International Academy of Pathology and works closely with the United States Canadian Academy of Pathology as a member of the abstract review committee for Breast and as the incoming Moderator for the USCAP Breast Evening Specialty Conference for 2024-2027. In 2020 Gelareh was honored by admission into the International Skeletal Society.

Among other roles, Gelareh has is a member of the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting for resected lymph nodes in breast cancer and series chair for the RCPA’s multidisciplinary expert group working on the Structured Reporting of Breast Cancer. She is a member of the RCPA Advisory Committee for Anatomical Pathology and a member of the RCPA Digital Pathology Expert group. Gelareh is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the ANZ BCT and of the ANZ Sarcoma Association.

She serves on the Board of Directors of PathWest. Gelareh combined full time clinical responsibilities with applied clinical research.

Lipoprotein(a): How to measure and in whom or breakfast symposium
About the video

Watch Dr Michael Page in a very informative session on the emerging value of Lipoprotein(a) in the Cardiovascular Disease area focussing on Australian Atherosclerosis Guidelines. 

What you will learn:

Elevated Lp(a) is highly prevalent. Approximately 20% of the global population have elevated Lp(a) levels. The video shows its association with CVD risk, signifies the potential clinical utility of Lp(a), and the subsequent importance of Lp(a) measurement.


Successful Implementation of Genomic Medicine
About the Video

This video recording captures the dynamic Breakfast Symposium held at the Pathology Update 2024, focusing on the successful implementation of Genomic Medicine. Chaired by Professor Wendy Cooper,Pathologist at RPAH, the symposium dives into key aspects of genomic medicine with insightful presentations and discussions.

Dr. Vera Terry, Deputy CEO of Omico, kicks off the symposium with a presentation on the Precision Oncology Screening Platform Enabling Clinical Trials (PrOSPeCT). She elaborates on the PrOSPeCT program's objectives, current patient numbers, workflow and processes, turnaround time, and expected program outcomes. Dr. Terry's expertise provides valuable insights into the advancements in precision oncology screening.

Following Dr. Terry's presentation, Professor Hamish Scott, a Clinical Scientist and Department Head at SA Pathology, takes the stage to discuss the Implementation and Challenges of Genomic Testing for Oncology in Australia. Prof. Scott provides a comprehensive view from a pathology laboratory's perspective, addressing workflow challenges and highlighting Roche's Navify Mutation Profiler's critical role in facilitating curation and somatic classification.

The symposium concludes with a panel discussion featuring all speakers, including guest panelist Dr. Frank Lin, a Medical Oncologist & Research Fellow at NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney. The panel engages in an in-depth exploration of the future of genomic medicine, the evolving landscape, and the pivotal role of Comprehensive Genomic Profiling in Australia.

Acknowledging the support from RCPA, the Roche Diagnostics Australia extends gratitude to all participants and delegates for providing this enriching opportunity to delve into the forefront of genomic medicine implementation.

This video serves as a comprehensive resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering valuable insights into the cutting-edge developments in genomic medicine in Australia .