Roche Digital Diagnostics

Roche launches a new portfolio of software solutions under the name of Roche Digital Diagnostics.

Roche launches a new portfolio of software solutions under the name of Roche Digital Diagnostics. This new suite of software solutions will enable labs and healthcare providers to drive the future of care delivery.

  • As healthcare demands intensify, handling data with speed and accuracy are minimum requirements in an era of unprecedented demand. At the core of nearly every healthcare decision is diagnostic data.
  • With Roche Digital Diagnostics, healthcare professionals are empowered to leverage data with a broad portfolio of solutions that enable better integration, workflows, collaboration, insights and decisions.
  • Roche Digital Diagnostics enables robust information technology automation, which streamlines daily operations and frees healthcare professionals to apply their expertise in forward-thinking ways.
  • Roche Digital Diagnostics provides a broad portfolio of software solutions to meet the different needs of healthcare systems in a personalized manner

Roche Diagnostics’ software solution offerings will now be housed within the new Digital Diagnostics portfolio. This full breadth of software solutions will better arm labs, physicians, nurses, researchers and healthcare providers to thrive in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Today’s healthcare systems are facing more pressure than ever, as they struggle to handle rising volumes and shrinking budgets. To avoid becoming a commodity, they must go beyond managing their day-to-day workload to driving better decision-making and outcomes. To do this, they need to accomplish two key things: find ways to streamline and automate workflows and begin influencing care delivery through data and insights.

The new Roche Digital Diagnostics portfolio prepares healthcare systems to succeed on both fronts by enabling better integration, analytics and workflows. This empowers healthcare providers to reduce complexity and leverage data in more powerful ways.

Executive, financial, operational, technical and laboratory roles gain comprehensive insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that improve laboratory processes and performance. With cutting-edge analytics, they have all new possibilities for benchmarking, future-focused planning and streamlining of laboratory operations. New tools further support care team collaboration and standardize clinical workflow, by aggregating all relevant patient data from multiple sources into one dashboard.

Each software solution within the Roche Digital Diagnostics suite can help healthcare professionals harness the power of diagnostics data. This empowers them to redefine their role, reinforce their value and achieve their vision with confidence.