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HIV and AIDS by the numbers


There are nearly 37 million people living with HIV/AIDS around the world—predominantly in Sub Saharan Africa. In 2015, AIDS-related deaths totaled approximately 3,000 people each day.1

Progress, however, is being made and lives are being saved. New infections have declined by 6% since 2010,2 as access to HIV treatment in low- and middle-income countries has expanded.

Global Access Program Progress

Efforts to stop the spread of HIV


Roche has been at the forefront of efforts to reliably diagnose and treat HIV infection since 1986. As the leading provider of HIV early infant diagnosis and viral load testing, Roche has a social responsibility to provide care where access is limited, especially in countries hardest hit by the disease.

What the Roche Global Access Program provides

The Roche Global Access Program brings HIV viral load testing where it’s needed most. Created with UNAIDS and other partner organisations, the Global Access Program supports the 90-90-90 goal by expanding access to HIV diagnostics for qualifying organisations in 82 eligible countries.

In these regions, PCR testing of dry blood spots has proven to be a suitable means to early infant diagnosis. High-quality, accurate viral load monitoring has also helped countless patients receive appropriate antiretroviral therapy, thus suppressing the HIV infection and limiting the virus’ spread.

Roche and the Global Access Program support the ambitious UNAIDS 90-90-90 target to end the global AIDS epidemic by 2030. To learn more, visit the Global Access Program.


Advanced, reliable HIV detection


An unrivaled investment in research and development demonstrates Roche’s dedication to innovation. Roche pioneered the dual target approach for HIV-1 viral load monitoring and continuously works to ensure assays can stay ahead of their highly mutagenic targets.

Roche products enable laboratories and healthcare providers to identify the most critical HIV targets quickly and accurately, while eliminating manual intervention and minimizing errors.

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