Anatomic pathology

Lab instruments and clinical assays that automate and optimize the analysis of tissue biopsies

Clinical chemistry & immunochemistry

Analyzer solutions with a broad range of assays based on innovative technologies to fit your testing needs

Companion diagnostics

Targeted diagnostics tests that aid in the choice of specific therapies for each patient

Decision support

Helping healthcare professionals with clinical treatment and research decisions through data-driven analytics and insights

Diabetes care

Blood glucose monitoring systems and services for the management of diabetes

Donor screening

Automated systems and assays for Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT), serology and personalized lab automation


Integrated testing solution that streamlines preparation, staining and analysis of microscopy blood slides


Hemostasis testing portfolio and applications for early disease detection and monitoring

Lab automation & IT solutions

Personalized solutions developed by Roche that simplify operations, reduce manual tasks, and increase efficiency and quality


Diagnostics Solutions for detecting pathogens and antibiotic resistance to prevent the spread of invention

Molecular diagnostics

Molecular clinical solutions for virology, donor screening, women's health, microbiology, genomics & oncology

Point of care

Solutions to deliver robust and immediate results outside the central lab where needed, when needed


Customized solutions for physician office labs, hospital point of care and central laboratory settings

Critical care


Infectious diseases

Inherited diseases

Internal medicine





Screening & monitoring

Transfusion safety



Women's health


Products and solutions for manufacturers in the diagnostics and pharma biotech industry

Oncology research

Products and solutions for manufacturers in the diagnostics and pharma biotech industry

Tissue research

Lab instruments and tissue-based reagents for research use

Nucleic acid purification

Real-time PCR

Research areas