Work with actionable information
Data analysis

Work with actionable information

Base treatment decisions on evidence-based insights


Deliver actionable information from your NGS analysis based on a highly curated evidence-based knowledge base. NAVIFY® Mutation Profiler helps labs accurately and efficiently interpret the clinical significance of mutations, empowering clinicians to deliver more personalized healthcare.

Confidently, clearly, and efficiently interpret the clinical significance of mutations

Discover all treatment options, based on publicly available information, medical guidelines, and clinical trial outcomes

Easily identify clinical trial opportunities based on genomic alterations of an individual patient

A personalized approach to making treatment decisions

personalized treatment decisions

Learn more about our knowledge base and curation efforts

Precision medicine requires precision in clinical interpretation and reporting. With NAVIFY® Mutation Profiler, our lab has access to the most clinically relevant and up-to-date information, drastically reducing our curation time. The intuitive software produces concise, actionable reports that accelerate our clinicians’ ability to deliver the best treatment options for our patients.


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