Uncover genetic information
Genomic profiling

Uncover genetic information

Improving patient outcomes through genomics


Breast cancer is a very common malignancy among women. Although there are well-developed clinical guidelines, guideline updates may be required to account for the range of driver alterations now recognized in this indication.1-3

Identify actionable targets for molecularly-guided therapy across all breast cancer subtypes.4,5

Improve prognostication and identify patients at high risk of resistance to certain therapies.5,6

Support disease monitoring and targeted therapy allocation through liquid biopsies, with applications for both ctDNA detection and sequencing.7-9

Address the evolving needs of your laboratory

inhouse and send-out workflow

INHOUSE workflow


Develop, customize, and control your own workflow


Get access to comprehensive genomic profiling


Choose the panels that suit you best

SEND-OUT workflow


Comprehensive genomic profiling and clinical interpretation


Structured molecular insights report with therapy options


Use of validated lab without own investments or resources

Inhouse workflow: Optimizing sample preparation


Match your workflow to your objectives and deliver precise and consistent results. Our products enable you to capture challenging tumor samples, and extract more clinically relevant information from every sample, while minimizing user intervention and extraction-to-extraction variability.

AVENIO Millisect


  • Consistent recovery of areas of interest as small as 250 μm2 (~20 cells)
  • Increase in dissection efficiency
  • More clinically relevant information from every sample

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AVENIO Millisect
MagNA Pure 24 System
MagNA Pure 24 System


  • Reliable nucleic acid preparation
  • Scalable extraction
  • True walkaway automation
  • cfDNA and FFPET preparation with one system

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AVENIO Familiy of NGS Oncology Assays (Research Use Only)


  • versatile solution for comprehensive genomic profiling
  • longitudinal monitoring and concordance analysis of solid tumors from tissue and plasma samples


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AVENIO Millisect
cobas PIK3CA Mutation Test
cobas® PIK3CA Mutation Test


  • Provide high sensitivity and reproducible results
  • Identify patients with metastatic breast cancer harboring PIK3CA mutations

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Send-out workflow: All information in one place with Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine connects physicians, patients, and biopharma partners to the latest insights in cancer care. This world-leading molecular insights company offers a proven portfolio of tests and services that help guide treatment strategies for all of your advanced cancer patients.

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Foundation medicine

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Matthias Bodmer

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