Tina-quant® C-Reactive Protein Gen.3

CRP using DuREL technology offers outstanding performance

C-reactive protein (CRP), a major reactant of the acute phase response, is an established and widely accepted sensitive indicator of the inflammation status for a variety of inflammatory conditions. In healthy adults the concentrations of CRP in serum have been reported to be at 1 mg/L. The concentrations may increase rapidly and extensively (up to the factor 1000) in response to a tissue damaging processes, such as inflammations or infections. As such CRP has been used to monitor antibacterial treatments and post-surgical progression.

Most widely used CRP assays are only sensitive enough to determine CRP values from around 5 mg/L onwards with acceptable precision. Since 5 mg/L is currently the accepted upper limit of the normal range, these assays are best suited to assess clearly pathological CRP levels.

Measurements around the level of 5 mg/L require a highly sensitive immunoassay. Current classical assays may therefore fail to detect a significant increase in CRP as an early indicator for an infection.

To overcome the weaknesses of classical CRP tests, there was a need to develop an assay which allows both, to be used as a rapid screen in better assessing an inflammatory condition in the daily routine and for a more specific use covering the important range below 5 mg/L and the monitoring of very small changes in CRP levels.

With the introduction of the Tina-quant® C-Reactive Protein Gen.3 using Dual-radius enhanced latex (DuREL) technology, Roche Diagnostics has set a new milestone for accuracy and sensitivity of CRP measurements.


  • The Tina-quant® C-Reactive Protein assay and application is designed to achieve the very high sensitivity, offering a very accurate and precise measurements at very low levels of CRP. 
  • Measurement of CRP is of use for diagnosis and management of infection, assessment of inflammation.
  • Whereas highly sensitive measurement of CRP is used as an aid in the assessment of the risk of future cardio- and peripheral vascular disease.


Superior homogeneous immunoassay technology

Product specifications

  • Assay time

    10 min

  • Sample material

    Serum, plasma

  • Sample volume

    2 µL

  • Measuring range

    0.3 - 350 mg/L

  • Intermediate precision (cobas c 501 module)

    0.51 mg/L: CV: 3.59 %
    1.44 mg/L: CV: 3.93 %
    41.3 mg/L: CV: 1.74%

  • Repeatability (cobas c 501 module)

    0.57 mg/L CV: 3.59 %
    1.56 mg/L CV: 1.63 %
    43.2 mg/L: CV: 1.23 %