Managing my INR levels with CoaguChek®

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Self-testing with CoaguChek

The CoaguChek® INRange and CoaguChek® XS systems are easy-to-use self-testing meters that give you a fast and accurate INR result, without having to visit the clinic.1,2

Self-testing at home can give you better control of your medication than testing at a laboratory or doctor’s office, with more time in your therapeutic range.3-8

3 easy steps to INR self-management with CoaguChek

Step 1

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Measure your INR levels with a CoaguChek device

Step 2

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Adapt your VKA dose in accordance with your doctor's instructions

Step 3

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Therapy decision made
CoaguChek INRange

CoaguChek® INRange

More control. More time in therapeutic range.

Roche's latest, connected self-testing meter that gives you the freedom to test your INR at home, on the go, or wherever you happen to be.

Gain back your freedom with CoaguChek®.

We are here to help you learn more.

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INR: International Normalized Ratio

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