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Optimizing bio-process control with Cedex Analyzers

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Discover how to reliably monitor the relevant parameters in cell cultures and fermentations, now with the new photometric Sodium test


Cedex Bio Analyzer

How CustomBiotech products serve healthcare industries

To enable the healthcare industry in bringing state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments to those in need, we have merged Roche innovative technologies, unique knowledge, and decades of experience to offer products and solutions for manufacturers in the diagnostics and pharma biotech industry.

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Products and solutions for the biopharma industry


From products for early research to in-process and quality control - discover CustomBiotech solutions for drug develoment.

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Raw materials and reagents for diagnostics assays


Develop your diagnostics assays with a partner. Discover products for clinical chemistry, immunology and molecular diagnostics.

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Your partner and supplier for healthcare companies and manufacturers

We enable the healthcare industry to develop and produce a state of the art solutions for diagnosis and treatment, by providing reliable, tailor-made, high-quality products and technologies


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