Product portfolio

Laboratory automation & IT solutions

Personalized lab automation

At Roche, laboratory automation solutions deliver the quality and reliability you expect, with the personalization required by low-, mid- and high-volume laboratories. With a complete portfolio in the market, Roche's Personalized Lab Automation provides customized solutions for every lab.

IT Intelligence

Harness your organization’s full potential by putting intelligence at your fingertips. Gain important insights buried in your data, instant access to performance metrics and newfound ability to connect systems across testing disciplines. Optimize your lab to raise the standard of care and stay ready for growth.

Workflow Management

Our LEAN workflow consulting identifies deep-seeded insights for transforming your performance and productivity. But these services are just the start. Real-time informatics continue to pinpoint quality improvements at every touchpoint, for the benefit of every sample you touch.



cobas® 8100 automated workflow series

The cobas 8100 automated workflow series offers several configurations to accommodate different laboratory needs.

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