Reflotron® Plus system and Reflotron® Sprint system

Flexible testing to support your clinical decisions

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  • Excellent test strip stability minimizing storage concerns
  • Little waste and almost no maintenance


Faster clinical decision making


  • Quick time to result
  • No reagent preparation




  • Throughput of Reflotron® Sprint: up to approx. 60 tests/hour
  • Throughput of Reflotron Plus: up to approx. 25 tests/hour
  • Sample material: whole blood (capillary and venous) plasma or serum
  • Sample volume: 30 µL
  • Time-to-result: only 2 – 3 min. (depends on parameter)
  • Integrated printer: immediate documentation of results
  • Barcode reader and/or keyboard for patient and sample ID input
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