cobas® VivoDx System


The cobas® vivoDx System is used for the rapid detection, identification and determination of antimicrobial susceptibility of live bacteria in laboratories and other healthcare settings. The system incorporates the innovative Smarticles technology, which, for the first time, combines the speed and simplicity of molecular diagnostics with phenotypic detection to deliver fast results. This rapid detection helps in staying ahead of the ever-evolving antibiotic-resistant bacteria, providing information that is critical for multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO) surveillance and for assisting clincians in guiding antibiotic therapy.

Rapid phenotypic results

Rapid phenotypic results

The Smarticles technology utilises custom-designed DNA-delivery bioparticles for the detection of live bacteria through bioluminescence. It requires minimal preparation and provides results in hours instead of days when compared to growth-based identification and susceptibility test methods.


Flexible and easy workflow

Flexible and easy workflow


Continuous load design allows both single-sample and multi-sample processing. The innovative test cartridge format reduces contamination risk and the need to monitor reagents.




Sample in, results out

Sample in, results out


Automated processing and result interpretation provides an efficient path to definitive answers.





LIS connectivity is available for the cobas® vivoDx System. The system uses either ASTM or HL7 communication protocol.

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Take a look at our cobas® vivoDx System to stay ahead of ever-evolving multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Stay ahead of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections

MRSA infections are one of the major causes of hospital-acquired infections and are associated with a huge healthcare burden.1 Rapid detection of infections is critical for tackling the MRSA crisis.

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System features

  • Instrument dimensions


    641 mm (25.25 in)


    486 mm (19.125 in)

    Height with open lid:

    820 mm (32.284 in)


    727 mm (28.625 in)


    68 kg (150 lb)

  • Performance features

    5-hour run time

    Load 1–24 samples at a time

    Minimum 36 results within 8-hour shift (throughput varies depending on assay)

    No reagents on board

  • Software features

    Intuitive/easy to use

    Standard reports

    Customised report

    LIS Connectivity

    Configurable result acceptance & reporting

  • Workflow features

    Single test, ready-to-use cartridge

    Clear sample tracking

    Hands-off onboard automation