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Committed to the prevention of transfusion-transmitted infections

Roche is committed to developing blood safety solutions that reach the highest possible standards. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of patients, the reliability of results and the efficiency of lab operations, while helping laboratories make the best use of their available resources.

Blood is a crucial healthcare resource that can save lives. Every year worldwide there are over 164 million blood and plasma donations that are commonly used in supportive care for cardiovascular and transplant surgery patients, trauma victims, and those undergoing cancer therapy, to mention only a few.1,2 Ensuring access to a sufficient and safe supply of blood and blood-derived products is an international health priority that has been highlighted by the World Health Organization since 1975.3

Roche is a trusted partner for screening centers, with about one third of blood and plasma donated worldwide using blood safety solutions from Roche.4


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Roche blood safety solutions are designed to work together

Roche offers the most comprehensive screening solution for blood safety and is the only single provider for serology, NAT, laboratory automation and software solutions to blood centers and plasma fractionators worldwide.*

*Products of the Roche blood safety solutions portfolio are not commercially available in all regions. Please contact your local Roche representative regarding availability.
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