cobas® infinity laboratory solution

Integration to the next power

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Sample workflow engine - your engine for change

A uniquely simple, yet powerful tool:

  • Visualise your workflow
  • Dynamic decision-making
  • Modify workflow on the fly
  • Personalised for any lab

The sample workflow engine integrates the entire sample flow – from pre- to post-analytics – on a single IT solution.

Browser-based access - compatible with your existing IT infrastructure

Simplifying usage and management of your solution

  • Easy access for any user without client installation 
  • Relieves the burden of installation and upgrades  
  • Roche continuously monitors the health of your IT solution 

The browser-based access integrates IT into your lab environment to optimise your asset utilisation and experience.

Work area concept - personalise your work space

Visualise what you need to take care of:

  • On-demand customisation for any user and any discipline 
  • Comprehensive data filters 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use design 
  • Streamlines user work flow 

The work area concept integrates information in real time so you can work to your full potential.

Lean validation - everything you need, nothing you don’t

Standardises decision-making for full compliance  

  • Consolidates information on a single screen
  • Target attention on critical data 
  • Never lose the focus on results 
  • Automatic validation 

The lean validation integrates key information to accelerate your delivery of high-quality results.

cobas® infinity laboratory solution - integration to the next power

cobas® infinity is a highly flexible and scalable series of innovative digital products, designed to help you manage all of your tasks and work processes in all of the different work areas. It is a comprehensive management tool designed to keep you in the driver seat. It collects all the data you need and brings it together on your screen.