Bloodhound® Technology

Hematology reinvented

The Bloodhound® technology represents the core intelligence of the cobas m 511, which uses this unique approach to enter the new field of digital hematology.

Bloodhound® technology analyzes the morphology of individual cells and presents the results of the analysis in detailed images for human interaction. Moreover, while medical technologists will continue to have the option of looking at slides under their microscopes, Bloodhound® technology provides cell-by-cell images that, in many cases, may reduce or even eliminate the need for microscopic review.

As opposed to the typical indirectly measured approaches used in blood analysis today - primarily impedance and flow cytometry - the Bloodhound® technology images individual cells directly. Based on these direct images, the Bloodhound® technology analyzes each cell's morphology, counts it, and then classifies all the cells in the viewing area to provide a CBC, 5-part differential, and reticulocyte count.


Slide preparation

Digital cell counting and classification

Digital cell morphology



Bloodhound® technology


  • Low sample volume of 30 μl provides complete CBC, differential and digital morphology
  • Unique slide preparation designed to provide consistent distribution of cells supporting cell integrity
  • Digital multi spectral imaging utilized for cell counting and classification
Bloodhoune-« technology chart.png

Unique slide preparation


A consistent volume of blood is printed in a uniform pattern on a slide. The printed slide is then transferred to a staining station where modified Romanowsky stains are applied. Upon staining, the slide is fully prepared for automated digital imaging as the basis for cell counting, classification and digital morphology.

Digital hematology


  • Designed to reduce the need for manual microscope review
  • Intuitive software providing easy access to RBC, WBC and Platelet image galleries
  • Remote functionality of viewing stations designed to expand your network and provide real-time image access
  • Digital archiving and patient history tracking


Integrated system


  • Fully integrated CBC + Differential, Slide preparation and Digital Morphology combines quantitative and morphological data
  • 2 touch-points designed to reduce manual steps
  • 6 minutes from sampling to review of cell morphology
Product image for cobas m 511 integrated hematology analyzer

cobas m 511 integrated hematology analyzer

Hematology reinvented

Featuring Bloodhound® technology, the cobas m 511 combines a digital morphology analyzer, cell counter and classifier into one streamlined instrument preparing, staining and analyzing microscopy blood slides.