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Critical Care

Critical Care diagnostic testing presents unique challenges and you need the right partner to overcome them.


Diagnostics plays a vital role in all healthcare pathways and can have an especially significant impact for critically-ill patients. In situations where time is short, and treatment decisions have to be made quickly, having access to the right tests and quick efficient access to results can make a massive difference to patient outcomes.


Helping you meet the most urgent medical and economic needs.


Efficiency through integration

Running tests on different platforms increases complexity and makes workflows difficult to manage and TATs less predictable. If you consolidate testing onto a single platform, you can manage resources/training more easily, and take full advantage of automation solutions to maximise testing efficiency. Running all tests (including S100) on the cobas platform reduces complexity, simplifies operations for users (and training/accreditation requirements) and helps you deliver the best possible service without compromising on quality and efficiency.

With most suppliers, accessing all of these biomarkers means compromising on efficiency – it’s difficult to find the right combination of instruments that run the tests and match the needs of your individual lab. With Roche, all these assays run on all of our Elecsys analyzers – from the highest throughput configurations to the smallest – so you can make the right choice to suit your size and throughput needs. 


Driving medical and economic value

Roche is firmly committed to uncovering even more benefits in this important area and working on solutions to serve the unmet needs of the medical community. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible integrated solution in Critical Care. We are here to stay, and focused on taking the lead in this area. 

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