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Roche gives back

Sometimes there is nothing better than gathering together to do good. Our colleagues love the opportunity to work side-by-side to make a difference. Each year, for example, Roche sites around the globe gather to walk in support of children in need.

At the core of Roche Diagnostics is a targeted Corporate Social Responsibility strategy focused on strengthening our communities.

We are driven to make STEM accessible to the next generation of innovators,  improve patient health and tackle local community issues. We accomplish this through charitable contributions, strategic partnerships and employee volunteerism.

We’re proud members of the communities where we live and work and believe that building and growing relationships is the best way to improve outlooks. We continually strive to make a real difference. #RocheGivesBack.

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Youth charity walks embrace possibility

Youth charity walks embrace possibility

Gathering for the annual Roche Children’s Walk was extremely significant to local nonprofits in 2021. Charities have seen their support dwindle in the face of the pandemic – the impact of those losses being especially difficult for already vulnerable youth.

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