Art program provides solace for patients and caregivers during a very trying year

For more than three years, Roche Diagnostics has supported the Indiana University's (UI) Health Foundation CompleteLife Art Program. This incredible program allows patients to engage with art as a mechanism for coping with the pain, stress and anxiety associated with chronic health issues and diseases such as cancer. This year, the program took on a whole new meaning.

Art Program Provides Solace - CompleteLife

“CompleteLife, a truly holistic program at IUH, offers a variety of therapies to address the individual needs of patients. By way of art...CompleteLife partners with patients to attend, witness, get curious, explore and discover inner healing capacities in the moment at any stage of life. During 2020, I am especially grateful for the opportunity to sit with and offer support to patients experiencing difficult and perhaps frightening physical changes. While family and friend social support and connection is limited due to physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, CompleteLife is able to provide this crucial component to patient care and well-being.”
Heidi Moffatt, MA, LMHC, ATR | CompleteLife Art Therapist, IU Health Simon Cancer Center & University Hospital


The art exhibit includes the personal artwork of patients, caregivers and staff of the IU Simon Cancer Center and IU Health University Hospital in Central Indiana. 


Artists focused their work on this year’s theme of Hope and Healing. They chose the medium and processes that best communicate their personal expression of this theme. Each individual art piece is a window into the artist’s personal journey to find strength and courage during a vulnerable time, whether as a patient, family member, friend or clinician.


The show was displayed at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis. View the 2020 CompleteLife Art Show online here.


Roche Diagnostics will display select works from the exhibit on their Indianapolis campus for both employees and visitors to enjoy.

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