We stand in solidarity

Racism and race-related violence is a shameful and longstanding reality in the U.S. that has once again been exposed through the tragic and heartbreaking recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. What’s more, these acts of violence are set against the backdrop of a pandemic that has disproportionately impacted Black and other communities of color.

It’s important to talk about the injustice, fear and physical risk that Black people encounter every day based on the color of their skin. It’s important to understand the disproportionate burden communities of color are facing from COVID-19 with higher rates of infection, hospitalization, and mortality. It’s important to learn about the experiences our fellow citizens of different backgrounds face because it is our shared reality and our shared mission to fight against it.

Roche stands with our Black colleagues and communities against institutionalized prejudice, hatred and violence. These are beliefs and actions that stand in stark contrast with our company values of inclusion, diversity and equity. Silence is equal to acceptance and we all are called to speak up.

We are committed to speaking out and working to advance the cause of racial parity, striving for inclusiveness at Roche and in the communities where we live and work. We are committed to addressing the impacts of structural racism within our health care system. We are committed to using our power and resources to advocate for equity and justice. And we are committed to engaging in open dialogue with our co-workers, friends, neighbors and families to listen and learn so that we might find new opportunities to expand our impact.

We stand in solidarity. What we challenge, we change.