The value of diagnostic information in heart failure

A virtual panel discussion with experts across Europe

The Value of Diagnostic Information in Heart Failure - 16th November 2020


Opening & Introduction to Value of Diagnostic Information

Insights from Panelists on the Value of Diagnostic Information in Heart Failure Management
All panelists

Panel Discussion & Q&A
All panelists

Closing Remarks

Moderated by:
Mr Ed Harding

Mr Ed Harding

European Heart Failure Policy

Dr. Bernarda Zamora

Dr. Bernarda Zamora

Senior Economist, Office
of Health Economics, London

Ms Sophie Marie Meiser

Ms Sophie Marie Meiser

Market Access &
Economic Policies Manager,
MedTech Europe

Mr Nich Hartshorne-Evans

Mr Nick Hartshorne-Evans

Founder of the Pumping Marvellous 
Patient Association (UK)

Prof. Dr. Y.M. Yigal Pinto

Prof. Dr. Y.M. Yigal Pinto

Cardiologist, University Medical Center 

Ms Carys Barton

Ms Carys Barton

Heart failure Nurse Consultant,
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK
Chair British Society For Heart Failure Nurse Forum

Prof. Damien Gruson

Prof. Damien Gruson

Head of Lab, Cliniques Universitaires 
Saint-Luc, Belgium
Expert Panel onEffective Ways of Investing
in Health, European Commission

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