Roche Diagnostics partners with DASA Group to create the world`s largest integrated core lab* today

Partnership that grows stronger

While DASA has experienced unprecedented growth and success with their integrated lab, they don’t plan on slowing down. Alessandro Veiga states, “We haven’t stopped growing. DASA has an expectation to become a global leader in diagnostic medicine throughout the world.”

DASA Group’s vision is to be the best company in the world in diagnostic medicine and one of the largest in the industry. And to realize this vision, they chose to partner with Roche Diagnostics.

Influencing the future of laboratory medicine

DASA Group is a private lab chain in Brazil that set performance standards on the global scale.

DASA offers 3,000 types of diagnostic tests and covers 1,900 cities supporting 5,000 customers throughout Brazil. They are aggressively expanding throughout Brazil, both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

All of this makes DASA the largest private lab in Latin America. Yet this enterprise is truly distinct for a different reason—they are the largest integrated lab in the world*.

At DASA, tomorrow’s future of laboratory medicine is already happening today. But more importantly than what they’ve achieved is how they achieved it. The ultimate difference-maker came down to one thing: partnership.

A new threshold of partnership for a new threshold of performance

To turn next-generation performance into reality, DASA engaged their long-time partners at Roche Diagnostics. “What led us to create a new laboratory,” explains Emerson Gasparetto, Medical Vice President at DASA São Paulo, “were the challenges related to the significant growth we’ve had in the market, but with an infrastructure that no longer supported this type of growth.”

Roche Diagnostics has a strong presence in Brazil and for this project their local experts worked with the international consulting group, to bring in world-class expertise and experience from diverse, challenging projects across the globe.

World-class expertise with distinctive local knowledge

The Roche Healthcare Consulting group:

250 consultants located worldwide

  • Certified in Lean and Six Sigma
  • Cross-functional expertise: lab management, pathology, engineering, administration, pharmacy, biomedicine, medicine

Access to the knowledge from the global network

  • Benchmarks from thousands of institutions
  • Insights that apply to each lab’s precise needs

Professionals at Roche Diagnostics have implemented countless successful laboratory solutions around the world. Most important, they appreciate that each lab has unique goals and each market has critical differences. Instead of engaging labs with a preset plan, consultants’ first step is to simply listen.

By mastering the nuances of each lab, Roche Healthcare Consultants can present an informed vision and co-create the approach that brings it to life. Only through intimate partnership are DASA and Roche able to think strategically beyond immediate business needs. It lets them create a plan for ongoing optimization toward a more aspirational future vision.

This helps them uncover meaningful opportunities that support top organizational goals:

  • Securing long-term financial stability of the healthcare institution
  • Strengthening reputation and leadership
  • New business opportunities
Operational improvements
“We hoped to partner with Roche Diagnostics, precisely to encounter these solutions. We don’t want just instruments. We want complete efficient solutions.”
Roche Healthcare Consulting’s collaborative reoptimization process
  1. Analysis and vision
    • Analyze political, economic, social and technological factors
    • Benchmark performance and co-create critical-to-quality goals

  2. Implementation
    • Establish benchmarking metrics
    • Execute strategic plan with staff training

  3. Post-optimization
    • Analyze performance data
    • Continuously reoptimize
“A key differentiator in Roche is the consultancy team, which understands us. We tell them our goals and they provide the personalization and improvement points for our workflows.”
Gustavo Campana, Medical Director, says
“We’re always bringing in new concepts that make an impact. We’re investing in knowledge and sharing experiences with our partner.”
Tests per month
“Such a dream is only possible being in a partnership like this with Roche.”

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Greater than the sum of its parts

With this collaborative approach, DASA and Roche Diagnostics were able to achieve one of the most extraordinary integrated lab ever created in Brazil which is in routine operation since 2017.
Nadia Pinheiro describes, “Today we have the largest automation solution system, with the highest capacity, and the biggest gain is for our customers.”

Despite its size, the lab is incredibly simple to scale—using cobas® connection modules (CCM). It’s powered by a central information management system—cobas® infinity IT solutions—that offers full traceability of all samples, performance metrics and total quality control. And it offers state-of-the-art analytics, using cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series with broadest assay menu on one consolidated system that other vendors need multiple platforms to match.

According to Dr. Campana, “DASA’s greatest differential in medical value lies in its access to technology, and today we have the latest laboratory diagnostic technologies.”

Alessandro Veiga, Engineering & Innovation Coordinator, explains, “We hoped to partner with Roche Diagnostics, precisely to encounter these solutions. We don’t want just instruments. We want complete efficient solutions.”

The benefits go far beyond operations. By integrating data resources and people, Roche Healthcare Consultants supported DASA to transform what’s possible for their organization, drive value for every stakeholder and, most importantly, support better outcomes for the patients they serve.

Dr. Gasparetto highlights, “Based on this, we have a competitive differentiation, which enables us to negotiate models, partnerships with our main partners, in which we can develop value-based healthcare.”

*Integrated Core Lab is a combination of components (products & services) from Roche Diagnostics and selected third parties, which make up the solution for central laboratories.