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Remote support for histology labs

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To connect your Roche Tissue Diagnostics systems to CareGiver remote support, please contact your local sales or support representative or local customer support center.
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This is how peak efficiency looks

  • Decrease the average notification time of a failure event
  • Increase lab efficiency and technician productivity by addressing many issues before they become truly problematic
  • Reduce the average service time because Field Service Engineers arrive more prepared for on-site service thanks to remote troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities — further minimizing disruption to customers
  • Reduce instrument downtime, leading to improved key performance indicators in customer labs

Product characteristics

  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Remote troubleshooting and training
  • Over-the-shoulder help from the Roche Customer Support Center
  • System software upgrades over a secure internet connection
  • Proactive customer contact to maintain optimum hardware and software performance in the lab
VENTANA CareGiver Remote Support - process

With CareGiver remote support, if something goes down, [customer support at Roche] is on the line within 10 minutes helping us out, figuring out those problems, correcting them on the screen while we’re watching. Anything major is usually fixed within 24 hours because they already understand the problem and come fully prepared to fix it on site.


— Nancy Snyder, HT, Histology Supervisor, Redlands Community Hospital, California


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