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Roche supports POC testing outside the hospital, in the community

Connectivity within the hospital is well established, including Point of Care (POC) testing. Yet to integrate and access diagnostic information anywhere, at any time, it is required to extend this level of connectivity beyond hospital networks into primary care.

This ensures convenience for patients while reducing pressure on hospital services. In addition, connectivity beyond the hospital walls can help expand the range of available services in the community.

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Increase convenience

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Reduce service pressure

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Expand services

cobas infinity edge
Truly decentralized testing

Today, difficulties arise when managing testing in the community space. The workflow of ordering, reporting and processing tests as well as managing patients and quality assurance remains challenging for most healthcare organisations. Along with process control, it is more challenging to ensure that devices and users are managed correctly, to assure high-quality results.

Roche proudly introduces cobas infinity edge, a new open digital ecosystem for point of care professionals, driving improved patient outcomes and operational efficiencies in healthcare

cobas infinity edge seamlessly connects the point of care instruments that you support in ambulatory care and hospital settings. It also connects to cobas infinity POC systems for quality and processes control, as well as to the EMRs to support patient care.

Decentralize your POC testing to primary care

Maintain centralized oversight


Streamline your workflows

Improve your productivity


Results available across patient journey

Via secure remote connection

Labs and devices

Saving time & enabling information anytime, anywhere

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cobas infinity edge unite

cobas infinity edge unite is a software as a service (SaaS) offering that seamlessly connects POC devices used in ambulatory care settings, such as outpatient clinics and physicians offices, with cobas infinity POC in hospitals.

Save time


Establish a secure remote connection between the POC instruments in the community to cobas infinity POC, allowing users to save significant time in supporting POC instruments.

Enhance governance


Maintain a centralized oversight over decentralized POC devices remotely, enabling the delivery of robust governance for POC testing in ambulatory care settings, similarly to ensuring governance for POC testing in hospitals.

Ensure accurate reimbursement


Ensure that any POC testing conducted is accurately recorded so that any efforts can be acknowledged and accurately compensated.

cobas infinity edge scribe

cobas infinity edge scribe is a SaaS offering that connects seamlessly the POC devices that you use in ambulatory care settings to a patient’s EMRs.

Save time


Ensures that test requests are sent from your EMR to your POC instruments, results are sent back from the POC instruments to your EMR. This streamlines your workflow and saves you time.

Improve accuracy


Ensures that test results are sent from POC instruments in clinical settings directly to your EMR. This removes the need for manual entry of test results and the chance that the correct records just won’t be kept.

Ensure accurate reimbursement


Ensures that any testing conducted is accurately recorded directly to the patient’s EMR, so that your efforts can be acknowledged and accurately compensated.

cobas infinity edge - cobas pulse
cobas infinity edge smart

cobas infinity edge smart brings in an easy to use serviceability interface which gives you control over updates, saves you time and allows you to manage any problems with ease.

As always with Roche, patient data safety is the top priority. All instruments connect wirelessly to a gateway, with all of the data streams being encrypted along the way. The gateway connects to Edge cloud services, which have been fully certificated for safety and requires authentication for user access. The encrypted data is then passed to Roche via the secure cloud services, meaning your data is protected from end-to-end.

Save time and minimizes disruption


A much more personalised service can be guaranteed, meaning that the issues that need to be solved can be identified and managed much quicker and more effectively than in the past.

Enhance serviceability


Roche’s remote access also means that when there is a problem, the Roche advisor can see all of the essential details of the machine without having someone to look them up for himself.

Preventive maintenance


cobas infinity edge smart automatically sends important device information like battery health, performance and accuracy of instruments straight to Roche.

cobas® pulse system

cobas® pulse system app exchange

Your gateway to the future of digital health at the Point of care

Our app ecosystem allows you to customize your device and help create a truly versatile tool that addresses your unique needs.

Is cobas® infinity edge secure?

Roche built cobas infinity edge from the ground up, with data security at the forefront, deployed and hosted in the cloud. Roche partnered with industry leaders to ensure information remains secure. Security risk assessments were conducted and extensive penetration testing was performed on cobas infinity edge to ensure that data goes in securely and stays secure throughout the workflow.

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Enterprise-grade technoogy

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HIPA A compliant

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HITRUST certified infrastructure

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ISO27001 compliant


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