cobas m 511 integrated hematology analyzer

Hematology reinvented

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A new era in hematology

By counting, identifying, isolating and categorizing white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets and finally presenting the digital images of all these cell types on the Viewing Station including a standard CBC and 5 part differential, the cobas m 511 helps medical technologists concentrate on what really matters: Finding and classifying abnormal cells within a patient sample.

At a glance

  • Bloodhound® technology: provides CBC, WBC differential, reticulocyte, and ­morphologic results, in a monolayer printed slide
  • Reportable parameters: 26
  • Reagents: stain pack (2 stains, rinse and a fixative), reticulocyte stain and wash solution
  • Test principle: Digital multi-spectral imaging
  • Intuitive software provides easy access to WBC, RBC and PLT image galleries for patient review
  • Remote functionality of the viewing station, providing real-time image access
  • Digital archiving of results and images

Reduction of turn around time (TAT)

  • 6 min. to complete result, no additional preparation to review an abnormal sample
  • Unclassified cells conveniently presented for review
  • Only 2 touch-points reducing manual steps, providing efficient utilization of laboratory personnel


Do more with less


  • Low sample volume of 30 µL to provide a complete/full blood count
  • Compact footprint in less than 1 square meter
  • Fewer consumables for easy handling


One standardized process


  •  An innovative, unique and standardized slide printing technology1
  •  A consistent, standardized and patented staining process
  •  Easy and convenient patient tracking and digital archiving


Expanding expertise network


  • Remote access review to allow specialists to easily access samples results
  • Additional expertise included in the slide review
  • Best use of expert knowledge
Bloodhound® technology

Bloodhound® technology

Hematology reinvented

The Bloodhound® technology represents the core intelligence of the cobas m 511, which uses this unique approach to enter the new field of digital hematology.



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