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iThemba Life. Empowering patients to remain adherent to treatment and engaged in care


iThemba Life is a patient centric disease management solution designed to support goals of high burden disease elimination programs. iThemba was designed specifically to address the complex logistics currently used for diagnostic result delivery in many countries with the highest disease burdens.

Additionally iThemba Life supports patients to remain adherent to treatment and engaged in their care through education, reminders, and other elements. At the same time it is supporting healthcare workers with addressing clinic workflow challenges. 

iThemba Life is available to Ministries of Health or other healthcare organizations who are willing to partner with Roche to implement the solution on a regional or country-by-country basis.


iThemba Life currently supports the HIV elimination programs


iThemba Life currently supports HIV-positive adults by delivering results for viral load (VL) testing and also supports Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) for HIV-exposed infants by sending their caregiver notifications that diagnostic test result is available.  

In 2014, Roche announced, the Global Access Program. In 2019, the Program was expanded to include Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis B and C (HBV and HCV), and Human Papillomavirus (HPV). In the near future, iThemba Life will also support other disease elimination programs in line with our Global Access Program.




Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic


To further support the COVID-19 emergency response, iThemba Life COVID-19 is now available to help supplement countries' current SARS-COV-2 result return mechanisms. 

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iThemba Life for patients. It's about Time.


iThemba Life provides simplicity for a streamlined user experience.


Features and Benefits

  • Result return within days of blood collection, color-coded using simple language with clear call to action and tailored to country clinical guidelines

  • Visualization of progress overtime

  • Supports multiple users in one device 

  • Appointment reminders

  • Support clinic decongestion

  • Targeted educational content

  • Adherence to treatment support

  • Surveys for symptom screening and others* 

    *Feature in development, not currently available



iThemba Life: designed with patients, for patients


iThemba has been designed with constant input and collaboration from patients, healthcare workers, and other key stakeholders in Africa to address cultural, societal, and workflow aspects related to patients' journey and general disease awareness.







iThemba Life for healthcare providers


The iThemba Life implementation web tool enables healthcare providers to drive the iThemba mHealth program implementation.

iThemba Life implementation web tool: Web-based tool that allows authenticated users from the Ministries of Health or healthcare providers to perform data and troubleshooting operations and support program implementation.


 Security, reliability, and dependability


The iThemba Life m-Health platform safeguards and manages sensitive patient data. As disease elimination programs across the African continent have matured, fast, reliable delivery of laboratory test results to health care workers and patients has become essential for program success. iThemba Life leverages the increasing availability and use of mobile technology to simplify the manual and complex logistics currently used for test result delivery, and ensures that results are available for timely clinical decision making.


In doing so, iThemba Life enables clinical labs, clinics and patients to access information while adhering to relevant laws and regulations  that govern the privacy and security of sensitive patient data.

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