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Empowering patients to remain adherent to treatment and engaged in care


iThemba Life solution was designed specifically to address the complex logistics currently used for diagnostic result delivery in many countries with the highest disease burdens. Additionally iThemba Life solution supports patients to remain adherent to treatment and engaged in their care through education, reminders, and other elements. At the same time it is supporting healthcare workers with addressing clinic workflow challenges. 


Partner Implementation

iThemba Life solution is available to Ministries of Health or other healthcare organizations who are willing to partner with Roche to implement the solution on a regional or country-by-country basis.

Disease elimination

Disease Elimination

iThemba Life solution currently supports HIV elimination programs and emergency responses to COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa, with plans to support other key disease elimination programs.


Open Platform

Open Platform

iThemba Life solution is an open platform that can work with non-Roche instruments by integrating with the laboratory information system in place.


iThemba Life solution for patients

  • Result return within days of blood collection, color-coded using simple language with clear call to action and tailored to country clinical guidelines
  • Visualization of progress overtime
  • Supports multiple users in one device 
  • Appointment reminders
  • Support clinic decongestion
  • Targeted educational content
  • Adherence to treatment support
  • Surveys for symptom screening and others* 

*Feature in development, not currently available


iThemba Life solution for labs and clinics


The iThemba Life Implementation Tool enables healthcare providers in the laboratory  to perform back-end data operations that allow them to run program implementation for the iThemba Life solution. The implementation tool provides authenticated real-time remote access to the system for data operations, data fixes and reviewing result-related behavioral data (e.g. users viewing results).


iThemba Life solution for healthcare systems


Our goal is to partner in a committed strategy with governments, healthcare systems, funders, implementers and other stakeholders in the disease elimination programs to design optimal implementation models to enable healthcare providers to deploy and implement iThemba Life solution across Africa. It is through a collaborative partnership that all parties can work and learn together how to deploy an innovative solution like iThemba Life solution for long-term success.

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