VENTANA Connect middleware

Making the right data available where and when you need it

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Efficiently connects Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) to Roche platforms and solutions


VENTANA Connect middleware is software that links your existing Laboratory Information System (LIS) with the entire portfolio of Roche Tissue Diagnostics instruments and systems. It consolidates these individual connections into a single bridge linked to the LIS, then acts as a translator, enabling multiple systems to communicate and transfer data.

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Less manual handling and faster availability of data means higher productivity.

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Improved quality


The right data is available where and when it’s needed by eliminating error prone steps and delivering consistent information across all instruments and systems.

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Lab consolidation


VENTANA Connect middleware can manage multiple sites and communication with several Laboratory Information Systems simultaneously.

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Centralized monitoring


Greater visibility into daily operations as lab data flow can be monitored from your desk.

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VENTANA Connect middleware: bringing it all together

VENTANA Connect middleware establishes a single connection to the LIS. This greatly simplifies your IT system, reducing maintenance efforts and costs. Typical labs have several LIS with multiple connections to support each instrument. By providing a single connection, VENTANA Connect middleware minimizes complexity and costs by:


  • Eliminating the need for multiple LIS and LIS connections
  • Eliminating the connection costs of adding new instruments
  • Eliminating manual integration processes, as new instruments connect automatically

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