cobas p 680 Instrument

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Automated pooling and pipetting of blood donor samples

Pre-analytic automation

The cobas p 680 Instrument automates blood sample pooling and pipetting for Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) and archiving. With a software interface designed to complement the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System, this pre-analytic system supports optimized workflow efficiency and full traceability.


Standardize workflows


  • Automate secondary-tube pooling and pipetting into aliquot plates for archiving
  • Utilizes Roche-standard 5-position racks and rack trays to help streamline workflow with our pre-analytic and analytic systems
  • Automated rack loading onto instrument once trays are deposited


Precise sample handling during pipetting


  • Total aspiration and dispense monitoring (TADM) for accurate sample transfer
  • Capacitive liquid level detection to prevent overflow and contamination
  • Compressed O-ring expansion (CO-RE) tip technology prevents contamination by aerosols


Safeguard data across the entire workflow


  • Barcoded secondary tubes for end-to-end sample traceability
  • The error lane allows users to easily identify tubes with pipetting errors
  • Full integration into the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System software for seamless data transfer


Flexibility for future growth


  • Connect up to 6 cobas p 680 instruments to the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System
  • Deck capacity for 500 tubes

Advanced diagnostic technology for donor screening

The cobas p 680 Instrument dramatically reduces hands-on time and enhances user productivity, ensuring reliable results and aiding donor screening centers in the critical task of keeping blood supplies safe.

Registration status

CE-IVD, cleared for use with the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System in the United States.

Package inserts

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