cobas® infinity POC IT solutions

Redefining open connectivity

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Redefining open connectivity

cobas® infinity POC IT solutions give you freedom to grow your POC program thanks to integration with the full Roche POC portfolio and over 90 non-Roche POC devices. They incorporate HR and learning management systems, with a long term commitment to enhancing value for patients and POC coordinators.

Key elements of cobas infinity POC IT solutions

Centralize control

A fully open application that gives you complete management of POC testing from a single location with automated user management.
  • Interface with multiple LIS and HIS
  • Completely web-based
  • Positive Patient Identification
  • Detect patient data trends and drive improvements


Integrated into your healthcare ecosystem

Our open philosophy means you can also integrate software into HR, LMS and EMR systems, all of which are essential for managing the POC landscape.
  • Auto recertification capabilities with the convenience of using the hospital’s LMS
  • Always up-to-date data through automated syncronization with the HIS
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of managing a separate LMS
  • Save time and effort

cobas® infinity POC mobile and tablet

We understand your POC environment

These are apps for iOS and Android devices, which work in conjunction with the cobas IT 1000 application. They are designed to help POC Coordinators complete key tasks whilst on the go. The apps enable POC Coordinators to become more efficient by automating the coordination of their users and analysers, competence and performance. They also support them to better manage complex job tasks.

cobas® infinity POC mobile and tablet apps empower the POCC, freeing them from their office and enabling them to:

  • save time managing devices
  • automate operator management
  • proactively act on what’s important while "out and about"


Usability has been at the core of the design process and cobas® infinity POC IT has been independently rated for usability, collecting positive feedback.

The products have been designed to be easy to use from a mobile device. cobas® infinity POC mobile and tablet apps enable the POCC to easily carryout key workflows whilst on the move.

Product features

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Product features

  Quality control management
Documentation of QC corrective and preventative actions
Device replacement and relocation
Check device status
Adding new operators
Editing existing operator details
Check and update operator training status
Export list of operators requiring training
Tablet Yes
Mobile No No

Scheper Hospital - The Netherlands, Victoria Hospital - Scotland and Roche

POC mobile and tablet have been tested and implemented in several centres of excellence. Scheper Hospital, The Netherlands, and Victoria Hospital, Scotland, partner with Roche to innovate in the POC space.
The main benefits experienced include the ability to work on the go and introduce new users in the system immediately, eliminating the administrative burden that was faced in the past. Having access to the information everywhere at any time allows more proactivity by identifying the problems earlier such as QC management. This allows to free up skilled resources for more important tasks.

Jan Yperman Hospital, Belgium and Roche

The Jan Yperman Hospital in Belgium was looking for a new and efficient way of training hospital staff and has recently integrated a learning management system (LMS) into their hospital. Liesbeth Verbanck - Quality Manager e-learning, Rafael Joseph - Laboratory Biologist and Lynn Crombez - Nurse, talk about their experience managing the new e-learning system.