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Facing your everyday – operational challenges in the laboratory

Healthcare is changing and everyone is being asked to do more with less.

Faced with an increased demand for testing, rising cost and a shortage of skilled workers, laboratory resources are stretched thin. At the same time, unexpected operational and administrative challenges could further threaten laboratory productivity. However, despite the high workloads and competing priorities, results need to delivered in a timely fashion while maintaining high quality and low cost.

What if there were a way to streamline and simplify everyday tasks to help laboratory staff get more done with less?

An intelligent digital workspace designed for you

Roche DiaLog is a collaborative online platform designed to help you manage your daily routines more efficiently. With access to personalized information, insights and support tailored to your needs, this flexible digital workspace gives you access the tools you need to overcome daily operational challenges.

Adopt best practices and embrace collaboration to optimize your laboratory’s performance:

  • Increase efficiency with time-saving self-service tools
  • Gain flexibility with instant access to relevant information, 24/7 
  • Improve business continuity with reduced downtime and smooth operations 

To best address your ever-changing needs, DiaLog is continuously evolving. Delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that empower more independent and efficient working.

Streamline everyday tasks and manage your workload efficiently.
Experience the DiaLog Portal now
Designed for real-world demands

The DiaLog platform hosts a collection of specialized support solutions called eServices. Each eService is purpose-built to assist you with specific tasks. From your desktop or mobile device, you can resolve unexpected issues, complete routine administrative work and much, much more.

Everything you need, all in one place

DiaLog was designed with the unique needs of laboratories in mind. Offering an intuitive user experience with a simple navigation, DiaLog provides real-world value from an always-accessible online portal:

  • Single-entry point for easy access to information
  • User-friendly interface creates a seamless user experience
  • Highly efficient processes help reduce your workload
Discover the ways DiaLog can empower your everyday.

Experience everyday efficiency with an intelligent digital workspace.

Roche DiaLog
A range of digital solutions at your fingertips

Much like the apps on a smartphone, each eService on the DiaLog portal performs a specific function and offers unique benefits to users. This applike functionality makes improving laboratory efficiency more intuitive and manageable.

Roche DiaLog

The information you need to succeed, all in one place.

Find the answers you need, when you need them with eLabDoc, your one-stop-shop for relevant and up-to-date product information from Roche.

This simple self-service tool gives you instant access to method sheets, data and instruction sheets, troubleshooting information and more, 24 hours a day. Search by document type or product name to find information easily. For quicker access, save previous searches, set preferences and add frequently used systems, assays and lots to your list of favorites. You can also stay up to date with email alerts about new document versions. eLabDoc lets you simplify everyday tasks to work more flexibly and efficiently.

Roche DiaLog
Online Support

Next-generation customer support for future-focused labs.

Log, track and resolve support requests with full transparency using Online Support, your access to Roche’s next generation Customer Service.

Accessible via desktop and mobile devices, 24/7, this web-based portal lets you submit and monitor service requests, without picking up the phone or sending an email. With Online Support’s intuitive user interface, you can create a case in just a few clicks, simply scan the QR code on your instrument to get started. Record all maintenance activity and access request history in the Digital Logbook and use the dashboard overview to track the progress of all your requests, even if they weren’t submitted via the eService. To help minimize instrument downtime, Online Support provides troubleshooting guidelines with step-by-step images for a range of issues. Experience the convenience of simple, fast and flexible support.

Roche DiaLog
User Assistance

Your go-to guide for everyday efficiency.

Experience greater autonomy and efficiency with User Assistance, your all-in-one eService for guidance on routine tasks.

Accessible from desktop and mobile devices, this self-service tool gives you fast and flexible access to a wide range of user documentation. The smart search assist functionality makes it easy to find exactly what you need, from maintenance and safety info to troubleshooting guides, system configuration and more. Get step-by-step guidance on maintenance procedures with instructional videos and interactive user documentation that is personalized based on the configuration of your system. With the User Assistance eService, you’re able to work more efficiently and solve issues quickly to keep lab productivity high.

Roche DiaLog
Roche Diagnostics Academy

Increasing performance through competence and confidence.

Get the right training for the right people at the right time with Roche Diagnostics Academy, your online portal for high-quality training.

This eService provides direct access to flexible learning solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual team members. Choose from a range of instructor-led courses and self-paced e-learning with pre-configured content, customizable learning tools, and self-manageable administration. This highly personalized approach to training makes learning more efficient and effective, maximizing the impact of training investments. With Roche Diagnostics Academy you have the freedom to learn independently. This helps to minimize downtime and costs while improving operational efficiency and increasing staff competence and motivation.

Roche DiaLog
Track & Trace

Stay informed and in control, at all times.

Stay informed and in control of your Roche order with Track & Trace, your online eService for managing Roche deliveries.

This intuitive self-service tool lets you access up-to-the-minute information on the status of your orders, 24 hours a day wherever you are. With full transparency over order and delivery details, from the time it has been processed to the point of delivery by the courier service, Track & Trace lets you easily monitor the progress of your orders, without the need to call a customer service team. Experience total control and complete confidence with Track & Trace.

Roche DiaLog
Contract Insights

Building trusted partnerships through transparency.

Gain full transparency between you and Roche with Contract Insights, your online portal for all up-to-date information relating to Roche contracts.

With around-the-clock access to detailed contract information on instruments, services, pricing and commitments and more, you’ll gain valuable insights for your laboratory without having to call customer service or wait for a response. This intuitive self-service tool gives you an overview of all contracts, as well as a detailed view of equipment covered by each contract. You can even export relevant information and request contract extensions on the eService, so there’s no need to store contracts separately. Simplify laboratory admin with fast and flexible access to all your Roche Contracts.

Roche DiaLog
LIAT Key Activation

Instrument activation made easy.

Register and activate cobas® Liat® assay scripts and software with LIAT Key Activation, your self-service tool for assay and software installations and updates.

Available globally, this easy-to-use online service gives you the freedom to work independently even when cobas® Liat® is not directly connected to Roche via the internet. Simply select the activation type, enter the registration key and print, download or provide a valid email address to receive the activation key and barcode. To activate software and scripts, enter the activation key or scan the barcode on your cobas® Liat® system. Experience the convenience of instrument activation made easy.

Roche DiaLog
VDI Instrument Simulator

Tomorrow’s laboratory training, today.

Access virtual instrument simulations with VDI, your online portal for training and support on user interfaces, new analyzers, software updates and more.

Available globally from any device, this extensive simulator portfolio gives you access to instrument operator software for a large variety of analyzers, in different software versions and languages. Leverage hands-on virtual operator training to educate staff on upcoming software versions more efficiently, saving you time and reducing costs. This innovative eService allows laboratories to minimize training on analyzers in operational mode, reduce off-site training and keep productivity at a maximum. Experience tomorrow’s laboratory training, today.

Roche DiaLog

Rich reporting and actionable insights.

Take full control of service activities in the lab with ServiceAnalytics, your online portal for customer-facing service reporting from Roche.

This powerful interactive reporting tool provides flexible access to daily service data, allowing labs to identify and predict service trends with minimal effort and no wait times. The intuitive interface lets you easily view, analyze and download service data, check the maintenance status of analyzers, and see planned service visits to keep the lab operating smoothly. With rich reporting and actionable insights, ServiceAnalytics helps you minimize manual efforts, increase data actuality, reduce mail cost and plan for future service activities.

Roche DiaLog
Roche Mobile Ordering

Bringing efficiency to your ordering process.

Streamline product replenishment with Roche Mobile Ordering, your online portal for fast and seamless ordering.

Many laboratories still order products using time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. This eService digitizes and integrates all these processes, allowing labs to order everything from reagents and calibrators to controls and consumables without using paper product lists, re-typing orders or sending orders via email or fax. Simply input quantities during routine inventory checks and automatically send orders from the app to the Roche ordering system. You can even monitor past and existing orders with the built-in track & trace functionality. Available on mobile devices with offline functionality for maximum usability and portability. Roche Mobile Ordering gives you full transparency and peace of mind knowing your orders will always be delivered on time while allowing lab technologists to focus on important tasks. Enjoy smart, safe ordering at your fingertips.

Roche DiaLog
COVID-19 Training and Information

Pandemic response planning solution.

Learn how your lab can help manage the current pandemic with COVID-19 Training and Information, your go-to eService for understanding SARS-CoV-2 testing.

Available on the DiaLog platform, this helpful eService provides detailed information about the systems and workflows required to run the cobas® SARS-CoV-2 Test on the cobas® 6800/8800 Systems, the LightMix® Modular SARS-CoV (COVID19) and the Elecsys® Anti-SARS-CoV-2 test on serum work area (SWA) solutions. Start planning your pandemic response today.

Roche DiaLog

Analyzer data on-demand.

Download and store e-Library data with eLSS, your go-to eService for on-demand analyzer data.

The Roche e-Library contains important data relating to instrument settings and instructions for use. This innovative self-service tool makes it easy for laboratories to access and load e-Library data onto Serum Work Area (SWA) analyzer systems that are not connected to the Roche Remote Network (offline systems). eLSS lets you access and download a subset of information in a format that can be loaded into SWA analyzers, giving you the freedom to work independently of customer support. For maximum convenience and flexibility, you can choose to download data  incrementally or all at once and store data in a range of formats, including CD, DVD or USB.

Roche DiaLog
Reportable Tests Tracking

Ensuring contractual compliance.

Streamline and simplify your daily routine with Reportable Tests Tracking, your single-entry point for reportable test submissions.

Today, most laboratories are required to submit specific test statistics for contract compliance purposes. This easy-to-use eService allows administrative staff to directly input and upload all contractually required laboratory statistics. With Reportable Tests Tracking you can review previous submissions and provide the requisite information quickly and conveniently, giving you more time to focus on the work that matters most.

Roche DiaLog
CDC File Creator

Your customer configuration generator.

Set up 3rd party testing quickly and easily with the CDC File Creator, your online portal for generating custom analyzer configurations.

To run 3rd party applications and tests, such as lab developed tests (LDTs), laboratories need to apply specific configurations to their analyzers. The CDC File Creator makes this process smooth and painless by putting you in control. This innovative self-service tool lets you create configuration files yourself using the CDC File Creator service. It requires no local installation and utilizes a centralized data management system, for maximum usability and accessibility. Experience the convenience of a single configuration solution for supported coagulation, clinical chemistry and molecular analyzers.

Roche DiaLog

Next-generation quality control for labs.

Easily evaluate assay performance with TIQCon, your go-to eService for Quality Control.

TIQCon (Total Integrated Quality Control) is a web-based comparison tool that enables clinical laboratories to quickly and accurately evaluate the performance of their assays through statistical analysis of the daily quality control (QC) data generated by Roche Serum Work Area systems. This innovative eService generates real-time reports using QC data collected from laboratories around the world that use the same control lots, instruments, and assays. These reports allow users to compare their lab’s performance against their peer group. TIQCon’s user-friendly interface lets you easily access information relevant for ISO 15189 guidelines and review trends, without manually entering data. Take quality control to the next level with TIQCon.

Experience everyday efficiency with an intelligent digital workspace.

Roche DiaLog