cobas b 123 POC system

Allowing you to focus on patient critical care

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Easy to use

  • Intuitive graphical user interface, touchscreen and graphically guided instructions allow handling steps to be learned in minutes and simplify the training of POC users




  • Access control, clot prevention, data management including QC and remote control to increase analyzer uptime


Rapid results


  • Near-patient, whole-blood sampling provides results in only 2 minutes to support timely clinical decision making


Flexibility and scalability


  • Allows clinically relevant and cost-efficient POC testing including quality control


  • Throughput: 30 samples/hour
  • Integration of clot prevention features to ensure patient care without interruption and cost-efficient operation
  • Optional mobile cart and wireless connectivity enables instrument to be operated wherever it is needed
  • Variety of sample types: whole blood, dialysis solution, QC solutions (both aqueous and blood-based)
  • Connection to cobas® bge link software and cobas POC IT solution
  • Automated user management through cobas e-learning
  • Trending acid-base maps to support clinical decisions
  • Fluid pack - sizes 200, 400 or 700 samples

cobas b 123 POC system versions

1 2 3 4
Blood gases (pH, pO2, pCO2) x x x x
Electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca2+, CI-) / Hematocrit x x x x
Metabolites (Glu/Lac)
x x x x
Co-oximety (tHb, O2 Hb, HHb, COHb,MetHb, SO2)     x x
    x x
Auto QC
  x   x
Plus an extensive range of calculated parameters

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