COBAS INTEGRA® 400 plus analyzer

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Economic efficiency

  • Ready-to-use reagents with a long stability and low calibration effort
  • Simplified processes and reduced costs
  • Comprehensive testing capabilities on a compact footprint


Medical value


  • Four measuring technologies: Absorbance photometry, Turbidimetry, Fluorescence polarimetry, Ion-selective electrode potentiometry
  • Highly correlating results across all cobas® platforms
  • Single-use cuvettes to ensure carry-over free analytics


Ease of use


  • Comprehensive testing capabilities on a compact footprint
  • Continuous loading and random access to samples
  • Refrigerated storage for long calibration stability

Deliver diagnostic confidence across a broad portfolio

More than 140 assays and applications available including clinical chemistry, ­specific proteins, TDMs, DATs and whole blood HbA1c

High system reliability

  • Robust system design
  • Clot detection and accurate pipetting
  • More than 6,000 analyzers installed worldwide

The perfect solution for clinical chemistry testing in laboratories running 50 to 250 samples per day.

  • Throughput of up to 400 tests/hour
  • Compact benchtop system for labs with limited floor space

Unique reagent concept

  • Convenient handling of cobas c packs
  • Economic usage with high stabilities and convenient kit sizes

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