RDHK Service Team

Roche Diagnostics Service Team

When it comes to service excellence, we believe that our Service Team people make a big difference. Our people are one of the key factors to keep our customers’ tests running.

We understand that excellent customer service is very important and we invest a lot in this area.  It is not just that we have the largest Service Team in the industry in Hong Kong, we also have a Macau based service team serving Macau customers, and we are the only one with a dedicated Lab IT & Workflow team in the industry.

We provide comprehensive one-stop service from project planning, system implementation to routine technical support.  Our Service Team is customer-oriented, reliable and professional. They are passionate about what they do. They have technical expertise and attend continuous training regularly. They will find solutions no matter how hard it is because they know ultimately it is for the benefits of patients.

We always strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers. Every good partnership is based on trust. When you work with people, you want to trust that they listen to you, they understand your issues, and they will meet your needs as quickly as possible.

We are convinced that our people can bring you a strong value, our people can make the difference and you can rely on them as your trusted service partner. 

And this is our Roche Diagnostics Service Team


A day with the Roche Diagnostics Service Team

Follow our colleagues from the Service Team (Applications, Engineers and Lab IT & Workflow) for a day.  See what they do and how they do it as our customers' trusted service partner. 

Roche Diagnostics Service Team

Meet our Service Team from Applications, Engineering and Lab IT & Workflow