cobas bge link software - Roche Diagnostics Hong Kong
Central control of your Roche blood gas and electrolyte analyzers


The cobas bge link software provides complete remote management and control of blood gas instruments from one workstation.

This valuable tool allows the complete management of all cobas blood gas analyzers that are connected to a hospital network. The cobas bge link software can improve workflow efficiency, freeing up valuable staff time and improving service to clinicians in critical care settings.

Remotely control all your instruments from one central location


At-a-glance views of each system's status

  • Monitor parameter and QC status. 
  • Manage fluid levels and calibrations. 
  • Verify all network connections. 




Real-time access to every analyzer

  • Use true screen sharing to use all modules of the analyzer. 
  • Let remote control run procedures as if you were there. 
  • Troubleshoot and train others from a distance. 



Manage patient orders through web-based interface

Receive patient orders from the EMR, HIS, or LIS

  • Monitor order status from anywhere on the hospital web. 
  • Receive unsolicited orders and assign IDs in the web validation module. 


Set rules for result validation

  • Establish patient and QC required input fields. 
  • Set criteria for critical results and notification. 
  • Allow automatic validation for acceptable criteria. 


Simplify your compliance documentation and reports

Centralize documentation in the event logs

  • Capture maintenance and monitor corrective actions. 
  • Use event logs to replace manual notes. 
  • Review or sort archived logs by date, device, or operator. 

Automate your reporting

  • Print results or send them to the LIS/HIS directly from validation. 
  • Choose from 19 standard reports or create additional custom reports.
  • Schedule and automatically email any of these reports within the hospital intranet. 







Save time

  • By not having to walk to each analyzer, with continuous remote status monitoring of your blood gas and electrolyte systems, from the laboratory.

Improve analyzer uptime

  • With effective remote troubleshooting and remote control of analyzer functions (e.g. calibrations, QC, cleaning cycles, test functions).

Increase confidence and security

  • With remote monitoring of analyzer performance and quality while offering a clear and comprehensive audit trail.
  • Management of quality controls and calibration cycles
  • Clear presentation of patient results measured with our blood gas and electrolyte systems
  • Remote control of calibrations, cleaning cycles and test functions
  • Initiation of quality control on the blood gas and electrolyte systems from Roche (AutoQC®), can be initiated from the laboratory
  • Levy-Jennings overview of QC history and trends
  • Extensive data management possible through integration into cobas® POC IT solution