Roche Diagnostics offers a comprehensive menu of optimised detection systems for use with our BenchMark IHC/ISH automated slide stainers, allowing for the identification of targets by IHC and ISH.

IHC detection offerings

Choose from a comprehensive menu of detection chemistries (biotin and biotin-free based systems) and stains (DAB and Red) for high-quality IHC results:

  • iVIEW DAB Detection Kit (biotin streptavidin)
  • ultraView Universal DAB Detection Kit
  • ultraView Universal Alkaline Phosphatase

Red Detection:

  • OptiView DAB IHC Detection Kit

ISH detection offerings

Our comprehensive menu of indirect, biotin-free detection systems and stains (Blue, Silver and Red) provides the options you need for high-quality ISH results:

  • ISH iVIEW Blue Plus Detection Kit
  • ultraView SISH Detection Kit
  • ultraView SISH DNP Detection Kit
  • ultraView Red ISH Detection Kit

Roche Diagnostics p63 stained with OptiView DAB IHC detection.

The OptiView DAB IHC Detection Kit offers advancements in detection technology, using a proprietary non-endogenous, biotin-free hapten technology that allows for exceptional range in sensitivity with extremely low background. Using OptiView detection software with the BenchMark IHC/ISH platform provides the ability to optimise testing to achieve a desired level of sensitivity and improved turnaround time, with flexible protocols and workflow enhancements.

Increased sensitivity

By increasing the numbers of HRP enzymes at each primary antibody site, OptiView provides unparalleled signal intensity, empowering you to achieve the level of intensity you desire for even low-expressing antigens.

Enhance stain quality

Our synthetic, non-endogenous hapten system virtually eliminates background, even as signal intensity increases, to create the perfect view.

Customize intensity

Unique chemistry and flexible software enable greater control to meet preferred staining intensity.

Improve turnaround time

Sensitivity and software flexibility allows you to reduce turnaround time at least 30 minutes for most assays.