About Roche Solution Integration and Services

We integrate diagnostics to help provide insights for better health – for our customers and for the clinicians and patients.

SIS is the business area at Roche Diagnostics that enables the physical and virtual integration of all kinds of diagnostic testing from large lab systems to hand-held mobile devices for hospitals, laboratories and the healthcare practitioners and patients. These solutions help healthcare leaders address the many challenges straining fragile healthcare systems. While these challenges vary from country to country, they arise from diverse trends such as ageing populations, cost pressure on healthcare systems, and increasing demand for smarter, more efficient and effective diagnostic solutions and services.

The people working in SIS use workflow, software, technology and other methods to reduce complexity while improving the operational performance of labs, hospitals and healthcare practices which help impact clinical outcomes and quality of life of patients.

We do this by:

  • Creating workflow efficiencies that streamline processes and help institutions better use their limited resources within core laboratory environments and blood banks
  • Automating, connecting, and integrating all kinds of systems from large instruments to point of care devices, tablets, to clinics and laboratory environments so that lab managers and doctors have easy, speedy access to accurate quality data
  • Providing software, decision analytics and other digital solutions that turn data into reports and insights. These insights can improve everything from outcomes in a laboratory (e.g., efficiency, speed, quality and accuracy) to help enhanced overall visibility about the quality and options for patient care and outcomes.
  • Offering consulting services to leaders of laboratories and healthcare groups that optimise performance, efficiencies and outcomes in sustainable ways. These consultants are the ‘human’ factor helping healthcare leaders gain insights from their real-time data, using proven methodologies such as lean and change management.

Core laboratory solutions: Roche is also the world leader in in vitro diagnostics and the world’s market leader for laboratory automation solutions and the only company to combine serum work area (SWA)* and molecular diagnostics (MD)** in one workflow.

Lab decision solutions: We also offer Lab Data Analytics solutions (e.g. Viewics) that generate insights for lab managers as well as CEOs and CTOs in healthcare groups to improve operational and financial outcomes.

Roche Healthcare Consulting: We have a network of experienced consultants who work as partners with leaders of labs & healthcare groups (e.g., hospitals, clinics, etc.) to transform their organisations to optimize performance, innovation and patient care. They do this using a combination of data and workflow insights and applying lean and change management strategies and methodologies.