Proven performance

Powered by Nobel-prize winning polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, Roche is committed to continued scientific and clinical excellence

Setting the standard in quality

As a leader in molecular diagnostics, Roche continually strives to set and advance standards to give you confidence in our assays and performance in your laboratory.

  • Robust product testing, including more than 250,000 collected data points for the 8 virology assays on our cobas® 4800 Systems1
  • We strive for clinically differentiated assay performance from our
    competitors’ approaches to CE-IVD
  • Our full commitment to quality ensures you will be a trusted partner to
    your customers and ultimately, to patients
Proven performance

Your confidence begins with our commitment to excellence

Each Roche product is designed according to the highest performance standards.
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Integrated Control Concept

Timely and comprehensive sample and assay control

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Extensive contamination control

Reduced risk of false positives with a minimised risk of carry-over

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Leading clinical studies

Trusted results across healthcare—changing the landscape for viral load testing, HPV primary screening, and new advances in oncology testing


State-of-the-art assay design

Through unrivaled investment in research and development, we’re able to stay ahead of rapidly spreading disease in the evolving healthcare paradigm. Our revolutionary assays help to answer key clinical needs:

  • Pioneers of the dual target approach for HIV-1 viral load monitoring
  • Developers of the only clinically validated, FDA-approved and CE-marked assay for first-line, primary screening of cervical cancer
  • Our EGFR assay revolutionise oncology testing, detecting tumour mutations in plasma and FFPE tissue via liquid biopsy/blood draw
  • Real-time detection and discrimination of HIV, HCV, and HBV in a single test in blood donor screening.

Cross-platform confidence

Roche systems deliver reliable and standardised results that are proven to be comparable across platforms.1*

  • Comparable results proven across all platforms1
  • Assay performance verified with high precision across platforms for accuracy and traceability according to WHO standards
  • No significant difference in the mean titre from system to system at medical decision points

Our commitment to your success

With a long and trusted history of more than 25 years, Roche is proud to offer laboratories like yours, innovative solutions that make a real-world difference. Our goal is to provide you with the solutions you need to consistently and reliably supply top quality results and inform the best patient care possible.

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Proven performance

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  1. Data on file. RING Trial, 2016.