Stay in control and increase success

stay in control
When working with nucleic acid purification and qPCR methods, staying in control of the workflows, systems and end-to-end support of staff is vital to the day-to-day operations of an LDT environment.

Speed and accuracy with LDT require controlled and trusted solutions that keep up with the challenges of modern molecular diagnostic labs.


There is a lot at stake with keeping control of the lab operations, as more than 300 million people suffering from rare diseases worldwide rely on accurate testing, and 50 percent of these individuals are children.


Streamlined control solutions with lab settings mean better testing, which can lead to clear results at a time when disease proliferation remains a major concern worldwide. Just one successful test can work to detect a disease or potentially assist practitioners in reducing the spread of an outbreak

Why quality control with LDT works

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1 billion lab tests are performed across the U.S. each year, and many of these have a direct impact on medical decisions. Lack of quality control could render a test unusable. Standard operating procedures that specify corrective actions, document the work and audit these issues can allow for highly accurate results within the lab and minimize inter- and intra-lab variability. Having an optimized lab set-up designed to handle quality control has become a standard practice.

Quality assurance standards, according to the World Health Organisation, include documentation, standard operating procedures, quality control samples and an external quality assessment scheme. Using quality standardised kits, lab personnel can help provide the validity needed to perform these WHO tasks. Software solutions are also user-friendly and aid in streamlining the lab's workflow. Automated data transfers and LIS connectivity, as well as minimizing hands-on intervention within the lab, can also help reduce errors.

How Roche can help the LDT lab maintain control

No matter the size of the lab, whether it is a large hospital facility or a small private setting, Roche molecular testing solutions can help you improve your workflow, better manage troubleshooting, and provide optimized control systems to help you stay in control. Roche instruments, reagents and software also provide inherent quality control for data safety. For example, reagents contain internal controls that are nuclease resistant and foster optimal results, while software provides the necessary connectivity and traceability to ensure data safety. These data safety and traceability measures with Roche products create better IT solutions within the lab. 


More than 4,000 technical support professionals are your partners in the LDT lab. Roche consults with you early on in the planning phase so that details are understood and you secure the products for your specific LDT needs. This means that throughout every step of the LDT process, you have the information needed to train, adhere to mandatory lab guidelines and keep track of data. As for labs that do not have Roche products, Roche professionals work with you to make the necessary adjustments to your current lab configuration to ensure an easy and smooth implementation.


Roche will craft a transition and installation process catered to your lab's needs so that you'll know exactly what to expect from these products and how to operate them in conjunction with your unique lab applications. Furthermore, remote access allows you to get the support and expertise you need from Roche professionals with minimal downtime.


Roche is an industry-leading company that specifically focuses on establishing proper control through every step of the lab workflow. Whether your specialty is in testing for chronic diseases or outbreak management, Roche has the tools you need to positively impact your requirements.