CoaguChek® XS system

Coagulation self-testing made easy

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Fast and reliable results. Anywhere, anytime.
The CoaguChek® XS system is a convenient, portable and user-friendly instrument for monitoring oral anticoagulation therapy. It determines the INR value (International Normalized Ratio) from a drop of capillary whole blood –it’s simple, precise and reliable.
Ask your healthcare professional about self-monitoring with the CoaguChek XS system.

The freedom to test anytime, anywhere

Easy to use and takes just a small drop of blood for virtually pain-free testing.

More control over your therapy

Spend more time in therapeutic range and less time waiting for appointments.1-3

Improved care for a better life

INR self-testing can lead to better health and quality of life.1,2,4-10

How to use CoaguChek XS in just 4 simple steps

Gain back your freedom with CoaguChek®.

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Technical specifications

Operating conditions

  • Temperature

    + 15° C to + 32° C (59° F to 90° F)

  • Relative humidity

    Less than 85% (without condensation)

  • Maximum altitude

    4,300 m (14,000 ft) 

  • Placement

    Operate the monitor on a level, vibration-free surface or hold it so it is roughly horizontal


  • Measuring range INR

    0.8 -8.0

  • Interface


  • Power

    Battery - Four 1.5v AAA alkali-manganese batteries

    # of tests per set of batteries

    Up to 300 tests or 2 years

  • Size

    138 x 78 x 28 mm

  • Weight

    127 g (without batteries)

  • Memory

    Up to 300 test results (including date and time)

Measuring & Sampling

  • Detection system

    Electrochemical measurement of prothrombin time following activation of blood coagulation with human recombinant thromboplastin

  • User interface

    Simple user interface with icon-based liquid crystal display (LCD), on-off, memory and set button

  • Sample application

    Within 15 seconds of pricking the fingertip, apply the blood to the target area of the test strip—either from the top or side of the test strip. 

Sample material

  • Sample type

    Fresh capillary whole blood or non-anticoagulated venous whole blood

  • Sample size

    ≥ 8 μl

  • Interferences

    Refer to the test-strip package insert

Test strips

  • International Sensitivity Index (ISI)

    Approximately 1.0

  • Sensitivity to heparin

    Testing performed with the following in vitro spiked samples or native blood samples (triglycerides) indicated no significant effect on test results:

    • Heparin concentrations up to 0.8 U/mL
    • Low molecular weight heparins (LMWH) up to 2 IU anti‑factor Xa activity/mL

  • Quality control

    Integrated into the meter and test strips and automatically run for every blood test

  • Stability

    21 months from production (+ 2° C to + 30° C)