cobas c 502 module

cobas c 502 module
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Product specifications

  • Testing capabilities

    Clinical chemistry, HbA1c (whole blood measurement)

  • Throughput

    Up to 600 tests/h

  • Samples

    Serum/plasma, whole blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), supernatant (hemolysate), other

    Automated sample rerun and dilution

  • Test integrity measures

    Contact-free ultrasonic mixing

    Determination of serum indices (lipemic, hemolytic, icteric)

    Clot and liquid level detection

  • Reagents

    Up to 60 reagent cassette positions

    Automated cassette management system (ie. registration, internal transportation, placement, and disposal)

    Automatic reagent cassette loading and unloading during operation

cobas 8000 modular analyzer series

cobas® 8000 modular analyser series

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