cobas® u 411 urine analyzer

Consolidated management of standardized results

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
cobas u 411 urine analyzer
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Fast and efficient processing of standardized results


Only 6 seconds for one result reading - This solution offers continuous loading of test strips without waiting for the measurement cycle. The solution also offers standardized result measurement by eliminating the human factor.


Consolidated results


The sediment terminal allows the consolidation of strip and microscopy data into one common result.


Flexible and comprehensive reporting


Reporting of results via integrated printer for real-time printing or transmitting of data to an LIS.

cobas u 411 urine analyzer in lab

Product characteristics1


  • Workloads: 30 - 100 samples per day
  • Continuous loading of test strips
  • 6 seconds cycle time allow high numbers of samples and rapid processing
  • Optional barcode reader to simplify manual steps
  • Use of Combur10 Test M with net sealing technology provides well-known advantages of Roche test strips


Consolidated data, improved lab workflow


Manual microscopy results can be entered via a connected sediment terminal and transferred to the cobas u 411 analyzer. This allows for easier documentation and improved overview of patient records with single print-out for strip and sediment information.

cobas u 411 urine analyzer workflow explanation



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