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Point of care testing

The goal of Point of Care from Roche is to help both healthcare professionals and patients achieve improved clinical and health-economic outcomes, by delivering robust, connected, easy to use point-of-care solutions outside the central lab, providing immediate results and thus allowing treatment decisions to be made more quickly – inside or outside the hospital.

Point of Care delivers those solutions meeting the clinical need for quick and accurate test results delivered where needed, when needed; on the device, in the electronic healthcare record on a patient/ward monitor, to the clinician on the move and directly to the patient.

While the responsibility for providing the service is in the hands of professionals, we also provide IT tools to be able to control all aspects of testing to ensure quality patient care:

  • Provide accurate and timely analyses and match them to the right patient
  • Provide automated user management and re-certification
  • Provide reports that are useful to the clinician treating the patient
  • Document testing and QC for audit purposes

For coagulation patient self-monitoring we also provide solutions for remote support and monitoring.

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