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MagNA Pure 96 System

Automatically isolate nucleic acids from a wide range of sample types while optimising laboratory productivity and scalability.

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cobas® 4800 System

Highly efficient, flexible workflows and a consolidated assay menu deliver confidence with every result. Automated PCR setup and analysis help make the most of your resources and reduce error.

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LightCycler® 480 System

Extract meaningful results during your qualitative and quantitative nucleic acid detection, gene expression, or genotyping with a range of products designed to fit your throughput and budget.

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LightCycler® 96 System

Ideal for all levels of experience, the LightCycler® 96 System provides an ideal combination of temperature homogeneity and data reproducibility. 

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MagNA Pure 24 System

Flexible runs start here. Scalable extraction of 1-24 samples, plus a fast protocol option, make this the ideal solution for the real needs of modern labs.

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