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Own the future of molecular testing


Designed for high throughput applications such as viral load IVD monitoring, blood screening, microbiology testing and women’s health, the cobas® 6800 can run up to 384 tests in an 8-hour shift—1,536 tests in 24 hours—with only 3 user interactions per run and up to 8 hours of walk-away time.*


*May vary based on workflow demands.



High throughput and maximum walk-away time

Transform your testing experience

Offering highly efficient workflows from sample processing to result interpretation, the cobas® 6800 System puts the future of molecular testing in your hands. Our broad assay menu is held to the rigorous performance standards you expect from Roche, and our real-time PCR technology delivers reliable results every time.

Infectious diseases & viral load monitoring
Infectious diseases & viral load monitoring

HIV-1   HBV   HCV   CMV   

Meet the growing needs of your lab

A fully integrated and automated system for sample preparation and real-time PCR, the cobas® 6800 System is designed to be readily integrated into the laboratory workflow from pre-analytic to post-analytic solutions.

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Unparalleled performance

Rapidly complete your daily testing requirements when you generate trusted, reproducible results.

  • Fastest time to result—up to 96 tests in about 3 hours
  • Unprecedented throughput—up to 384* tests in an 8-hour shift
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Absolute automation

  • Ready-to-load reagents do not require thawing, mixing or pouring, while radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcodes ensure full traceability from sample in to results out
  • Automated onboard storage and refrigeration system enable ready access and maintain inventory of consumables and reagents
  • Uni- and bi-directional laboratory information system (LIS) interface simplifies order and result handling
  • Connect Hamiltion STAR along with Synergy software instruments for automated pooling, sample archiving, and workflow traceability

*May vary based on workflow demands

Unmatched flexibility

Run the test you want, when you want
  • Mixed testing makes it possible to perform up to 3 tests in the same run with no pre-sorting required
  • Optimise sample utilisation, processing up to three different tests from a single patient sample
  • Simplify workflow using universal processes, consumables and reagents so you can run any test any time you want
  • Meet your needs today and in the future with a broad and expanding assay menu
  • Handle high-priority samples quickly and easily with a dedicated priority lane

Sabin laboratory case study

Today, Sabin laboratory is well-prepared to address the current and future needs of their customers. Their recent integration of the cobas® 6800 System improved overall testing flexibility, automation, and efficiency.


Full laboratory automation, unrivaled efficiency

The cobas® 6800 System has the ability to connect with pre- and post-analytic instruments, as well as those associated with other disciplines using cobas® connection modules (CCM).



Reduce manual handling for improved quality and safety



Other disciplines

Include serum work area (SWA), urinalysis, or haematology



Facilitate fully-automated sample retrieval for add-on testing

The future of molecular testing is in your hands

Based on the Nobel-prize winning PCR technology, the cobas® 6800 System is designed to be readily integrated into laboratory workflow from pre-analytic to post-analytic solutions, while transforming the way molecular testing is performed.

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