cobas® infinity laboratory solution

Integration to the next power

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Sample workflow engine - your engine for change

A uniquely simple, yet powerful tool:

  • Visualize your workflow
  • Dynamic decision-making
  • Modify workflow on the fly
  • Personalised for any lab

The sample workflow engine integrates the entire sample flow – from pre- to post-analytics – on a single IT solution.

Browser-based access - compatible with your existing IT infrastructure

Simplifying usage and management of your solution

  • Easy access for any user without client installation 
  • Relieves the burden of installation and upgrades  
  • Roche continuously monitors the health of your IT solution 

The browser-based access integrates IT into your lab environment to optimize your asset utilisation and experience.

Work area concept - personalise your work space

Visualize what you need to take care of:

  • On-demand customisation for any user and any discipline 
  • Comprehensive data filters 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use design 
  • Streamlines user work flow 

The work area concept integrates information in real time so you can work to your full potential.

Lean validation - everything you need, nothing you don’t

Standardizes decision-making for full compliance  

  • Consolidates information on a single screen
  • Target attention on critical data 
  • Never lose the focus on results 
  • Automatic validation 

The lean validation integrates key information to accelerate your delivery of high-quality results.

cobas® infinity laboratory solution - integration to the next power

cobas® infinity is a highly flexible and scalable series of innovative digital products, designed to help you manage all of your tasks and work processes in all of the different work areas. It is a comprehensive management tool designed to keep you in the driver seat. It collects all the data you need and brings it together on your screen.

Roche Diagnostics and DASA - Partnership that grows stronger

While DASA has experienced unprecedented growth and success with their integrated lab, they don’t plan on slowing down. Alessandro Veiga states, “We haven’t stopped growing. DASA has an expectation to become a global leader in diagnostic medicine throughout the world.”

DASA Group’s vision is to be the best company in the world in diagnostic medicine and one of the largest in the industry. And to realize this vision, they chose to partner with Roche Diagnostics.

Idime, Colombia and Roche

cobas® infinity laboratory solution bringing standardization and greater efficiency to lab processes at Idime, Colombia

PAML, USA and Roche

PAML partners with Roche Diagnostics, two companies which share the same values: "doing now what patients need next". PAML in Spokane, Washington state is one of the top reference laboratories in the USA. With PAML's pioneering spirit and Roche's innovative technologies and services, a new central lab was created based on the Roche Integrated Core Lab solutions and consulting.

As. Española, Uruguay and Roche

cobas® infinity laboratory solution can bring to laboratories various benefits in terms of quality, efficiency and productivity. Dr. Marcos Vivas tells us about cobas® infinity, in combination with a Roche total lab solution, making the difference in his laboratory at Asociación Española in Uruguay.