LightCycler® 96 System

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Set your research apart, with maximised sensitivity and fast time-to-result.

The versatile, plate-based LightCycler® 96 System helps you achieve fast, highly sensitive, and reproducible results for qualitative and quantitative detection of nucleic acids and SNP analysis.

Compact and easy to use, the LightCycler® 96 System Primary is the ideal companion for applications including gene expression analysis, gene detection, mutation detection, methylation analysis, miRNA research, and relative quantification of target genes.

Features and benefits

Have confidence in the data you generate and quickly get publication-ready results
  • Fast precision thermocycling and innovative glass fibre optics for unbiased 96-well data capture.
  • Accurate results expected from a LightCycler® System—now including gradient functions.
  • Robust multiplex gene expression and HRM assays without the need for passive reference dyes, temperature calibration.


Work economically, flexibly adapting your workflow to your assay format and throughput needs
  • Cost-effective value packs of optimized reagents and disposables.
  • Choose between multiwell plates and clear or white tube strips provided with caps.
  • Avoid unnecessary waiting time during preheating by starting experiments as stand by.


Speed time to results with advanced yet easy-to-use software designed for both novice and experienced users
  • Benefit from a large, intuitive touchscreen interface and powerful data analysis.
  • Choose your type of connectivity via network or USB stick.
  • Create pdf or HTML reports from your data directly on the instrument.

Regulatory disclaimer

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Package inserts

Access package inserts through your country’s Roche Diagnostics Website.