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CINtec® Histology: be conclusive in diagnosing cervical precancer


CINtec® Histology provides objectivity to diagnostic interpretation that helps all pathologists identify more cervical disease. The CINtec® Histology test is the only p16 biomarker test CE marked and U.S. 510(k) cleared for clinical use in the evaluation of cervical biopsy specimens. Pathologists who use CINtec® Histology demonstrate improved diagnostic consistency and diagnostic agreement between each other and with expert gynecopathologists.1


CINtec® Histology enhances identification of occult lesions that may be missed by H&E or morphologic interpretation alone, adding objectivity to cervical biopsy interpretation to help pathologists make informed diagnoses. The adjunctive use of CINtec® Histology helps pathologists ensure the right patient is treated without unnecessarily treating more patients.

CINtec Histology truth statistics

When CINtec® Histology is used according to the LAST recommendations* :

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Diagnostic sensitivity improves by 11.8% and specificity improves by 9.7% to identify high-grade cervical disease1

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Diagnostic consistency for high-grade disease of challenging cases by the majority of pathologists improves by 29.5%1

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Pathologists who use CINtec® Histology demonstrate improved diagnostic consistency with each other and with expert gynecopahologists.1

*Diagnostics performance by individual pathologists compared with the consensus diagnosis established by expert gynecopathologists using H&E along with CINtec® Histology.

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 1CINtec® Histology 510(k) product package insert, 2017.


The BenchMark ULTRA system is Roche Tissue Diagnostics’ most innovative, fully-automated immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization slide staining system, offering multiple features designed to deliver diagnostic confidence to histopathology laboratories worldwide.

BenchMark GX offers a fully automated baking-through-staining solution with the added flexibility to run any assay side-by-side.

BenchMark ULTRA instrument benefits

Fully automated

  • Standardized IHC and ISH staining

  • Improve quality, workflow and testing efficiency



  • Individually controlled slide heater pads enable users to run any assay side-by-side

  • Customize time and temperature protocols for each individual slide position


Optimal quality

  • Individual slide heaters, liquid coverslip and air vortex mixers provide an optimal puddle staining environment

  • Sensitive detection chemistries and a broad portfolio of ready-to-use assays 



  • Optimize throughput capacity with single piece workflow

  • Increase laboratory productivity and reduce re-run rates


 BenchMark ULTRA instrument features

  • 30 slide positions

  • Ability to add or remove bulk reagents and waste without interrupting cases in process

  • 35 reagent positions

  • Continuous and random slide processing to optimize laboratory workflow 


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CINtec® Histology Accessories Information

BenchMark ULTRA IHC/ISH System


Rated #1 for staining quality and platform reliability, this fully automated instrument offers 30 independent slide drawers and single-piece workflow—supporting the largest menu of 250+ ready-to-use assays.


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BenchMark GX IHC/ISH system


For laboratories seeking to optimize efficiency and increase scale, the BenchMark GX IHC/ISH system offers a small footprint with proven automation to help oncology caregivers deliver diagnostic confidence.

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IHC Stain Automation—BenchMark Ultra pathology lab instrument Ventana