cobas b 221 blood gas system
Designed to help provide virtually uninterrupted performance.


Consistent, accurate, and timely results you can depend on.

The cobas b 221 system minimizes delay-causing issues common to other systems, such as :

  • Lengthy maintenance
  • Warming of reagents
  • System-clogging blood clots
  • 30 samples per hour throughput
  • 512 wavelength spectrophotometer
  • Patient trending
  • Acid base mapping

Delivering reliable service when it matters most.

Key components of the cobas b 221 system.
Consistent, accurate, and timely results you can depend on.

1)  Zero-maintenance electrodes
Break resistance electrodes that function for 6 to 15 months (depending on parameter) and eliminate the need to refill, or replace membranes/caps.

2)  Input unit
Fill port accommodates patient samples from syringe or other common sample containers (capillary tubes, Roche MICROSAMPLER sampling device, or ampoules).

3)  “Load-and-Go” reagents with smart chips
Easy access for changing reagents, tracking levels, and monitoring expiration dates.

4)  Barcode scanner
Conveniently captures operator and patient identification to ensure the right operator is performing the right test.

5)  AutoQC module
Easy management and access to lab grade quality AutoQC ampoules

6)  LCD touch screen
User friendly touchscreen that delivers an instant “snapshot” of the patient’s condition and the instrument status.





The cobas b 221 system does more automatically to help you comply with regulatory compliance.
Regulatory compliance made safe and simple.


AutoQC module
Holds up to 40 days of QC and enables automatic lot-to-lot comparison for improved convenience, capacity, and compliance.

Electronic Quality Assurance Program (eQAP)
eQAP provides linearity and quality control peer performance data to help keep your facility regulatory compliant.

Smart reagent technology
Reagent packs have smart chip technology
Tracks fluid levels, installation, and expiration dates
Allows reagent packs to be transferred to like analyzers
Eliminates the need for barcode readings

Reagents designed to minimize downtime
“Load-and-Go” reagents are stored at room temperature
Long shelf life: 42-day onboard stability tracked by analyzer
Economy mode minimizes reagent use while the analyzer is idle

Onboard AutoQC ampoules
AutoQC ampoules can be used to run external QC from the same lot
Ability to run QC reports whenever needed without interrupting workflow


Knock out the clots that can knock out your analyzer.
The cobas b 221 system’s specialized components helps minimize the downtime and troubleshooting associated with blood clots.

Four levels of clot protection help prevent delays :

  • Clot catcher prevents most clots from entering the analyzer.
  • Clot sensors add another layer of protection by quickly locating clots that may enter the system, eliminating downtime and the need for troubleshooting.
  • The waste bypass redirects the blood sample to the waste system in rare situations when a clot blocks the sample pathway.
  • A powerful vacuum pump quickly removes clots in the system before they can halt your workday.


cobas bge link software.
Maximize the control and efficiency of your blood gas environment.

Control your cobas blood gas systems remotely
Monitor parameters, consumables and QC
Perform troubleshooting and corrective action procedures remotely
Take action with screensharing at any time or location as if you were in front of the analyzer
Capture lab notes with event logs to simplify documentation
Manage passwords and security levels from one location

Manage patient orders and results through the hospital web

Receive patient orders from the EMR/HIS/LIS and monitor status from anywhere on the intranet
Validate QC and patient results
Send results and critical results notification directly via the web

For additional details view the cobas bge link software page.

Fast diagnosis

  • Results in less than 2 minutes to support timely clinical decision making

Flexibility of testing

  • Comprehensive parameter menu to meet varying department needs

Confidence in result quality

  • Lab-quality results where and when you need them

Improved uptime

  • Long-life, maintenance-free electrodes and minimal preventative maintenance
  • Throughput: up to 50 samples/hour
  • Time to result: less than 2 minutes with whole-blood sampling
  • Optional module for automatic quality control
  • Three different parameter combinations (see table below) including glucose, lactate, urea and bilirubin
  • Durable, low-maintenance sensors
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen and intuitive user interface
  • Trending acid-base maps to support clinical decisions
  • Reagent tracking
  • Customizable features include a user-definable display and two types of sample application
  • Connectable to network via the cobas® bge link software for remote control and to the cobas POC IT solution for comprehensive data management